Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Violence Begets Violence

I don’t know about you guys, but watching the Youtube video of Saddam’s hanging has left my stomach queasy.

Violence begets violence.

I don’t condone the many crimes Saddam committed as a world leader, but I do ask which world leader’s hands are bloodless? I do not think Saddam should have been hanged for actions other leaders undertake everyday.

Also why the rush to have him killed? American inmates are often on death row for twenty to thirty years going through various appeals processes. The Hague trials take years, and leaders are often given the option of exile, no matter how horrendous their crimes.

The whole event has fiasco bloodied all over it. The hurried execution of Saddam has made more evident the farce of this so proclaimed ‘fair trial’

Did the foolish Bush government really think Hussein’s death will help quell the growing disaster in Iraq? Jeepers Creepers I hope not.


GC (God's Child) said...

I am so with you on this one. I can't/won't watch it--Somehow I'm hoping it's been faked. But I doubt that.

bitsandgiggles said...

I refused to watch it, too. Vengeance isn't justice.

Abeni said...

And the worst part is seems like everytime you turn on the tv the image jumps out at you

Jim said...

The whole Saddam trial was a circus; witnesses were murdered, judges were threatened and replaced. It has been condemed by Amnesty as an unfair trial.


Most Western leaders have immunity no matter how many innocent people they've actually killed. The lion rules the jungle.

cooldestiny said...

I believe it was the Iraqui prime minister who pressed for his immediate execution for "security reasons". When I learnt that he had died,I had mixed feelings myself and asked myself if people really think his death is going to make a difference. I think it will make a difference ... for the worst.