Friday, February 09, 2007

Pictures Pictures

Ok, I'm embarrased! I promised you guys pics, and as I look thru my reel, most of the pics are off my gorgeous fly, all oh whom have never heard of a blog, and who would not appreciate their pictures flying all over the internet. Also I never do the touristy thing when I go to Mumbai, so I don't have any pictures of statutes and stuff....and frankly I was debating taking pictures of the hut people, but I didn't want to be one of those people who pointed a lens at them and said, give me your best 'i'm really poor smile.' So Instead you get, these pictures. The first one above is the view from my cousins house where I spent the week.

Here are my legs, which are badly swollen from the 50 bites on each leg I got at the cemetery, on the first day. What can I say, i have sweet blood, and they all wanted a sip (HAR HAR HAR,)

In my attempts to perfect my 'future' role as charity wife, I visited the National Institute of the Blind. Here is a board which shows the amount of money donated so far. I think its great that the Canadian Government's name is even on there....but surely the government could give a little more.

The number of jobs found for the blind. Call centers are big employers....

One of the blind women making us lunch. My mother say this picture and said, "Even a blind women can cook...what's your problem??"

As part of their fund raising efforts the blind make rakhi's and garlands to sell.

India is in expansion, they are now widening the roads, to better accomodate the Honda's, Hummers, Ferraris, that are making their way onto Mumbai's roads.

Frankly speaking, they are always digging out there, its like they are putting Adam Smith's theory on employment to good keep the people employed, have them dig....and dig and dig....

I ate a lot. I confess, that it was rather ironic, considering most people relate India to a bunch of starving people.

This was taken at a restaraunt that specializes in steam plates.....the food is so absolutely amazing out there.... they have all types and kinds of food, except that add a little something that makes it soooo much more tastier....

You know how we strap our kids into their car seats, and we wear seat belts? Well when my dad saw this family on their bike (yes all four of them on a bike) he couldn't help but roll down the window and ask to take a picture of them.

At first they thought he was krazee.....i mean they gave him the, look, then they saw the camera, and flashed us some beautiful smiles.


Morphological Confetti said...

"Even a blind women can cook...what's your problem??" LOL! That's funny! Yeah, what's your problem??? :)I love Indian Cuisine!

I hope your better from the bites. You still have cute toes even though they're swollen. :)

ms. complexity said...

Poor you re: the mosquitoes! Oh goodness, that's terrible.

I hope you are feeling better. You get my email?

Jdid said...

you do realize that some weirdos are into feet right? not my thing but i dont know if i'd be bold enough to post my feet online

Crankyputz said...

Seriously u think someone would get turned on by my nasty swollen feet??

Reminds me of a guy I used to know ;)

GC (God's Child) said...

those mosquitos got u bad

re family on bike
doesn't the Mom look like she's saying "Oh boy, I hope my photo doesn't wind up on the internet"?

Thanks 4 the pics u did take.

I knew a guy like that too. So weird, but compelling in his enthusiasm.

bitsandgiggles said...

Your mother sounds a bit like my mother!

I hope those swollen feet didn't last too long...totally looks painful.

Gooders Girl said...

LOL you legs look awful, I hope they heal and do not leave scars.

I am moskitto murderer, I can give you my tips! They run from me in JA!

I think you will make a wonderful charity wife!!

Abeni said...

wow those mosquitoes sure did a number.I love the last picture of the family on the bike

eemanee said...

yeah, i love the photo of the family on the bike too!