Friday, March 02, 2007

Possible things Dracs could have got me from Trinidad:

A Key Chain

Soca Warrior Head Gear

A Carnival Costume

TnT Swimwear

A Hot Carnival Man??

INSTEAD,...... I got a "boys soca warrior soccer uniform."
The kiddie version. You know the kind, the pants have the little breathable nets underneath. A few of the letters have fallen off, so it reads " OCA ARRIOR"

-I do not play soccer.
-I have shown no interest in Soccer besides cheering on Horsey (Rhonaldinio) at the world cup.
-I am a nifty dresser....where would I be wearing this outfit exactly?
-And let this be clear there is nothing sexy about a kids soccer uniform.


GC (God's Child) said...

I vote for the key chain

Crankyputz said...

even the key chain would have been better, but a boy's soccer its not even cute booty shorts...

Jdid said...

i vote for the tnt swimwear :-)

maybe he wants you to parade around at home in the soccer stuff. maybe thats his thing how would i know. weird gift

Crankyputz said...

Um People Its not a voting thing....we have no choice, he already bought the matching soccer ensemble....sigh!

bitsandgiggles said...

*sigh* i wonder what was going through his brain.

Stunner said...

LOL! Life is so unfair at times.

Marika said...


In Australia, an 'oca' (we spell it 'okker', but it's pronounced the same way) is someone who is a a complete bogan - can of XXXX or VB, Stubbies, wife-beater, thongs, Akubra, pronounces our county name as 'Straya...actually, none of this will probably make sense to a Canadian.

Anyway, even in that context, it's not a good gift. You should sneak into his house and sew prawn heads in his curtain hems.

ms. complexity said...

That' odd 'gift'. If you can call it dat.
Chuh man, can you ask for an exchange? lol

Lene said...

that's a last minute gift from the airport, or the lady selling flags outside the airport... smh

yo, link me and we'll have some chili chicken!!

Miz JJ said...

Heh. I got CDs.

I think I would go for a soca warrior.

SimplEnigma said...

At least you got something. All I wanted was a stickin bucket of KFC from the airport and some ketchup and I got neither. *stupse*

Abeni said...

Maybe it's a message to make some little crankies:)