Friday, April 13, 2007

“It could all be so simple

But youd rather make it hard

Loving you is like a battle

And we both end up with scars”

Miss Hill couldn’t have put it better.

Life should be easy. You should be with the one you love, the one you crave, the one who gives you goose bumps by just standing beside you.

Grey’s episode last night was a recap of all the highlights over the last three seasons.

Got me thinking what my highlights of the last three years would be, here are a few:
~Running into the water in Panama dirty dancing style, into the arms of the hot Panamanian dancer at five in the morning
~Being carried onto the stage in my pink booty shorts in Montego Bay & having the Rasta MC steal a kiss when I wouldn’t take my top off,
~Sitting on Drac’s balcony watching the sun and all the oldies, in the old age home in the next building, rise....hypothesizing about their lives
~Running around ‘Hindi movie style’ in the rain on New Years Eve in Montreal, trying to hunt down a cab
~Eating BBQ chicken with the gang at four a.m. after a club on Eglington and Dufferin
~Celebrating Brazils loss with the samba band outside Caravaggio, on College Street
~Being naughty on a salsa boat cruise....boat washrooms really aren’t suitable for adventure....
~Crossing the street in Mumbai, making the sign of the cross four times, before actually getting across
~The big fight
~Walking down the road to the church with the funeral band moaning behind us at my Aunts funeral.
~Cheering for Trinidad's soccer team at Island Mix, well ok mostly the partying in the middle of the day part
~Dancing with drag queens after the office christmas party


SimplEnigma said...

I's goosebumps or bust!

Nice pics (from what I can see, they're so tiny!)...but I suspect that was purposely done. LOL

The 3 year rundown huh? A concept worth taking a look at I think...hmmm...

Mad Bull said...

Hmmm... Maybe I could do that too... I'd have to refresh my memory... all that alcohol, you kinow... it addles the brain eventually.

jay bee said...

if i was to really end up with the one i love, the one i crave and the one who gives me goosebumps, i'd be with wayne, mrs. putz...

and somehow i don't think you'd agree with that! LOL

updates soon!

that lauryn hill song is one of my favourites...

Crankyputz said...

Yea perhaps the goosebumps are an indicator of something when you see a ghost.....