Monday, May 28, 2007

A tale of two brothers

Friday night, S got an invite to a reggae party at some random club downtown. Having nothing better to do, we decided to check it out. We get to the club, and the front of it is snazzy. They have a little red carpet thing going on, with two bouncers dressed in suits. We mention that we are there for the reggae fete and are immediately ushered to the side of the club. There we are met by a friendly girl, who hands us little coupons and tells us that the party is downstairs. So we descend into what can only be described as a basement jam. It’s a small place, with a ceiling decorated in white linen that looks a lot like a basement decorated with toilet paper by a seventeen year old whose parents are away for the weekend. The music is great, so we decide to stay a bit.

And then I spotted goddess boy.

I’ve noticed a trend in my dating patterns. I attract in twos; and usually within the same family. I am a ‘brother’ magnet. This observation was confirmed this Friday when I met Goddess Boy in the basement. Goddess boy is with his brother and three other very good looking boys. S begins to pat me on my back, muttering something about me ‘finally making a contribution’ to our lives. We lime with them, and the brother is all over me. Anyhoo after watching his brother promise to lick me from head to toe, in ways I would appreciate for a life time (his words verbatim,) goddess boy suddenly decides to sprint into action. The things it takes to get a good looking boy’s attention.

Now I’m a little weirded out, I mean the brother was obviously digging me, why would goddess boy only move into action now, after all these years??

I spent the rest of the weekend have delicious fantasies of the two; mostly against my will; mostly. The brother is more of my traditional type: aggressive, too good looking for his own good and a charmer. Goddess boy is hot, in the sizzling reserved way, and his ability to not hit on me for the past couple of years is mind bogglingly hot.

Choices, Choices….


Adrian said...

No need to be weirded out I'm sure they know what they are doing :)

Some people only seem to want things that other people want.. there is your catalyst lol

scratchie said...

Choices Choices CP...choose carefully now lol.

Miz JJ said...

You have to choose? Are you sure you can't have them both?? Kidding. Throw me the one you don't want. We can double date and maybe even switch when we get bored. LOL. I kid, I kid...kinda.

SimplEnigma said...

Hmm, I'm with Miz JJ, 'cept I'm not kidding. LOL.

Hmm, he may be sprinting into action 'cos he and brother have a friendly sibling rivalry; or 'cos seeing someone else appreciate how hot you are lit a fire under him.

Like they've been telling me on my blog: go with your first mind.

Crankyputz said...

So was the kiss like marking territory, now that I've kissed one brother I can't test out the other? hehee....It should be like Baskin Robins, You should get to taste before you choose...

Lene said...

I co-sign with Miz JJ and Simple... I want the reject pile too.

Like I always say (since now), might as welll keep it in the family. hahahaha

Jdid said...

you kiss him you bought him. i'm sorry there is no exchange policy

GC (God's Child) said...

why would goddess boy only move into action now, after all these years

because it didn't click until he saw that his brother liked you

I say try them all. One life.

Silk Cotton Jumbie said...

Maybe they tag teaming on yuh. But doh limit yuh choices.

SimplEnigma said...

Oh, I wasn't talking about the leftovers...I was talking about her having to choose...

CP, I know you'll get this reference:
You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss,
a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.

You don't walk into a store and have to buy the first pair of shoes you try on...How are you gonna know which is better if you don't kiss 'em both. What's a little DNA between friends?

LOL. BTW, I'm still serious.

gela said...

Hehe, that simple cracks me up.

Hey, they wanta compare notes.