Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today is one of those crappy days:

~The kind of crappy day where a fifteen year old dies for no reason
~The kind of day when no one comes forward to be honorable and truthful, despite the shooting taking place in a public high school, during the day
~The kind of day where all talk shows are being bombarded with calls for metal detectors at school
~The kind of day when you learn that ‘lock downs’ are a common occurrence in Toronto Schools
~The kind of day when Toronto makes the international news not for being the beautiful multicultural city that it is, but for a violent deadly crime
~The kind of day when you hold the young male in your life closer because you know that fate has a funny kind of humor
~The kind of day you lament the life this kid is never going to lead, the girls he is never going to have, the love he is never going to feel, the graduation he is never going to attend, the family he is never going to make
~The kind of day your heart bleeds for his family, who are probably sitting down in shock replaying the last things they said to him, regretting the time they took for granted
~The kind of day when you begin to wonder if we have created a generation of cowards, who film the people in their school getting beaten up and cheer as the event proceeds
~The kind of day where its hot and beautiful, the first actual day of summer, but its majesty is lost in a tragedy


Jdid said...

i call it the video game generation. they dont realize the value of life cause you can get killed in a video game and you still get two more lives.

Crankyputz said...

Fathead is currently addicted to is scary if kids are playing that game with the amount of attention and concentration he is..

George said...

It is very unfortunate that we are, generally, becoming immune to acts like this. They are almost an everyday occurence on the news. Yes, we say that's too bad, it's sad and a lot of the other things you wrote in this post. And you're correct ... it is very, very sad that he will not be able to do any of those things. Will the stupidity ever stop? Maybe, but I think it will get still worse before it gets better. We have become a me society and we don't give an honest to goodness shit about anybody. Sometimes even our own family and progeny fall into that category.

I live in Cambridge, population about 112,000 ... while we have never had any gun violence, there have been gang fights, some stabbings, etc. My children attend a small (<200 kids) school and they regularly have lock downs when the cops show up and check lockers with dogs. The lock downs last as long as a couple of hours.

Society sucks CP ... we all have to get together to make it a better place, make it cleaner and safer, make it safe from violence ... that's living in a dream world.

Stunner said...

It is sad. It's a cold cold world we live in.

ms. complexity said...

Terrible. Just terrible.
You know what warmed my heart...what I miss about Toronto? ALL of the news reports featured kids from all different backgrounds. Races. Ethnicities.

I miss my city... people can say that it's 'violent' but it's not. Toronto is's not a major American city.

I pray for the victim's family - I saw the mother on the news today.

Scratchie said...

Trust me CP they are playing it. I heard it was banned for sale in stores but guess can still buy it online. Jdid id right this generation seems to be playing video games, no respect at all for life.

bitsandgiggles said...

That is terrible. Sometimes it all seems so hopeless.

Miz JJ said...

Such a sad story. You send your child to school, but you do not expect anything bad to happen. A young life wiped out for no good reason.

SimplEnigma said...

Unfortunately, metal detectors won't help. When I came here from JA, I was in shock when I had to go to school with metal detectors. I'd never heard of that before.

Yet kids still brought in knives, guns and whatever else they chose to. There was still a shooting right outside my school, and since then the school has been closed because of another shooting. And it had metal detectors.

Different times...

Lene said...

trust me, that kid will want the police to find him before the hood finds him.

no one appreciates a kid getting gunned down at school, not even the most gulliest of neighbourhoods. People will say something, because this killing was super senseless. said...

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eemanee said...

whenever there is a crime committed at a school people always see more policing, more security, metal detectors as the solution but militarizing schools doesn't solve anything and increased security doesn't make you feel safer.

of course someone had to have seen something or knows something but nobody talks.

Abeni said...

Am still reeling over the father who shot his little daughters because the mother broke up with him.Sadly,like the whole planet has gone mad