Monday, August 27, 2007

Moving Update

So it is here, the count down week

I move Friday, and boy oh boy it has been a week of missions.

I am moving on a budget.

After buying a place in a fairly ritzy neighborhood, I find myself with zero dollars to spare and a couple of rooms to furnish.

My newest best friend is Craig’s list.

From Craig’s list, I have bargained and bought a leather sofa, a coffee table, lamps, cushions (amazing cushions) and hopefully a paspasan chair (those big wicker bucket chairs.) Another great friend is Ikea. Love the prices, the selection and oh yes the prices.

The thing that stands out to me for this past month is how generous people are. It sort of like when I was traveling through Europe and met a girl on a train who offered to put us up in Berlin for a week. People know that your on a budget and seem to go out of their way to help you out. From people selling me their wares for next to nothing, to friends offering to roll up their sleeves to lift my 18 boxes this Saturday; it’s a refreshing change from sometimes thinking the world is filled with shysters, thieves and all round awful people. Of course I still have to deal with my lawyer….and since the fellow is charging me $250 for postage costs alone, well…..he isn’t in my good books.

Please brace yourselves my lovelies…this blog is officially become the countdown moving blog…be prepared for rants and raves over the outrageousness of closing costs, the sheer euphoria of entering my home for the first time knowing that its mine, for the panic blog, the what do I paint my white walls when I have black and white furniture blog…and so on…


Miz JJ said...

Best of luck with the move. I dread moving. I can't wait to read all about it.

Fiyah said...

I can't wait... and its not even me moving..

I am genuninely excited for you. I would roll up my sleeves and help you move myself if I could. Having helped so many friends and co-workers move over the years, I think I am a veritable expert at packing up a truck and getting heavy items up stairs.

GC said...

I vote red on the paint
you can look here for inspiration

also here

bitsandgiggles said...

How exciting! Good luck! *sigh* If I had a license to practice law in Canada I wouldn't charge you a cent for postage...although I may ask your mom to cook for me.

DXBluey said...

If I were there I'd happily help... but alas (not halas) I'm in DXB... so how about a moving in present instead?

I'll happily send you a decent quality shot on jpg - it'll print 10x8 quite nicely - if there are any on the blog you like - just let me know and i'll send you full size.

Maybe you'll hang it some where to brighten a corner or remind you of the madness of the sandpit.

Either way - choice is yours.

Good Luck!


Christie said...

18 boxes. 18 boxes is all you have? Girl, you are so lucky! We have 18 boxes from our bedroom alone (not quite, but at least 10).

Leon said...

Can't wait, especially for your post where you battle the subprime debacle. As for the money, what can you expect when you buy somewhere fancy?

Adrian said...

sounds like you will be kept very busy over the next few days.. pretend to be a man and keep the emotions to a minimum :p