Friday, August 24, 2007

Tags are like those chain emails, where people tell you details about themselves and you secretly laugh at the fact that they are losers with too much time on their hands….

GC I am not secretly laughing at you, ok fine, I am, however I am doing this too, so you can secretly laugh at me…its a vicious cycle.

Also La Senza Bras must never be bought at full pop, as they always go one sale….

Accent –I have a fake accent. In Dubai I went to a Catholic School run by Italian Nuns and we used to have a few British teachers. We came out saying this like “cotton candy” in a very British way, whilst sounding like an accented Indian in every other way. As Russell Peter’s put it, there is nothing sexy about an Indian accent, so pretty much everyone losses it first chance they get….but its like having pneumonia…it never quite goes away. I am also a lot like GC, I pick up accents depending on who I am around. I hung out with a bunch of British sounding Trinis a couple of weekends ago, and they are all convinced I have a British accent as well……suckers…

I also pick up phrases. For instance I say Oey Vey. I think it’s a fabulous phrase that applies to any and every imaginable event, shock, excitement, frustration, anger….

I also say Leh we Go, (courtesy of Dracs)

I don't drink –Ok, so I sorta do. I love wine and fruity drinks with Umbrellas in them. But I am not a big drinker and usually the DD when we go out. Traditionally I party hearty around my birthday and then lay off the booze for months…

Chore I hate – I love cleaning. I get a particular joy from the smell of bathroom cleaners and bounce dryer sheets. I love the clean gleaming ceramic after I am done with it.

Pets – None. I am more interested in humans. Essential Electronics – Ipod, Cell phone, lap top, tobi (one day,) possibly the electronic knife currently being featured on the shopping network, I love gadgets.

Perfume – but of course….I’m a Ralph Lauren girl….but really supplies are low and Ill take anything your sending my way.
Gold or silver – Gold. Most North Americans wear silver or white gold. My beef with white gold is that 18k white gold looks like silver to me….so why wear waste your money on it. Dubai has the most beautiful gold souks in the world. When your walking around you get a little mesmerized….infact I am currently saving up, so I can go on a little shopping spree the next time I am there…..

An aside: I am the kind of person who hides things and then forgets where I hid them. With all my packing I finally found my precious gold collection and today I am dripping with gold.

Insomnia – Never, even in times of crises I can sleep like a baby, which usually annoys boyfriends.

Job Title –Change Management HR Lead…whatever that means

Most Admired Trait – Like I could have only one…come on people….

Kids – Yes, a cute fat kind, that wears glasses, like in Jerry Maguire, or the kind that go to a posh British school and come home saying, Mummy can I have some tea and crumpets…...

Phobia – Stairs. I am terrified of falling down them…

Religion – Catholic, born and raised…but a bit of a nihilist …..not big on religion, but I’ve been brainwashed too many years not to ascribe to it.

Siblings – Just fathead.

Time I wake up – 6.30 am. On the dot, even on weekends….no matter what time I went to bed.

Unusual talent/skill – I can move my ears. Thank you, yes I recognize this is a great talent…no no I don’t do interviews

Vegetable I refuse to eat –I like them cooked, which I am told is a problem.

Worst habit – Procrastination…..I am the biggest procrastinator….hence I actually doing this list….

X-rays – Do I like X rays? Do I want an Xray? This one really is silly.

My favorite meal: So many to choose from, let’s go with my mum’s cooking for now, since that’s what I am going to be missing soon……but hey…here’s to my future washboard stomach…..

Ok, Thanks GC for tagging me....however I am not going to tag anyone on this one, but instead leave it a choice you need to procrastinate for a couple of minutes? If all means....go ahead.....


Miz JJ said...

I love that you call your brother fathead. It makes me laugh everytime I read it. I am immature...yes.

You love to clean eh? Looking for a roomie to help you pay that rent. Lol.

I use to say Oy Vey too. I will save my other one for if I do this list.

Jumbie said...

Darn, I thought I was the only one who could do the ears thing....

Leon said...

"Climacophobia" is the technical term for your phobia. Like the chain letter analogy. You seem to be a bit of a material girl.

The OE said...

Secret agents put micro RFID tags on people. And track them around the world using GPS and complex algorithms that are Top Secret. You know you want one.

ms. complexity said...

You call yours fathead, I call mine lunkheads. HAHAHA.

You get my email?

Leon said...

Oh, and Cranky, could you update your blogroll.

kimba said...

I am right with you on the falling down stairs.. have done so a few times and have the dodgey ankles and scarred knees to prove it..

I used to work with an old Jewish lady who used to say Yoi at everything.. scream it out.. whisper it in my ear.. weird.. now I say it all the time too.. mostly when I am driving.. YOI!!

Stunner said...

I procrastinate too much too!