Friday, August 10, 2007

What not to do Before going on a Blind date

Accidentally post a picture of you real hot and sweaty grinding on a girl who is bending over, shaking her hair all over, and you laughing your head off.

Oh well, its probably better her finds out now anyway....


Adrian said...

lol sounds like a party!

you are ok in my books :p

Lucy said...

Hey, Crankyputz!

(feel free to delete this comment as it does not pertain to your original post. I couldn't find your email on your blog, so I opted to leave a comment instead.)

My name is Lucy Dee and I'm a black female standup comedienne in NYC.

I caught wind of your comment on a fellow blogger's post.

Based on your worldly response, I figured you might be interested in my most recent post on Metabigotry in comedy.

I'm trying to "get the word out," and I decided to drop you a line.
Perhaps, you would be interested in stopping by my spot and giving your opinion?

Thank you again, and thanks for being such an open-minded citizen.

My blog:
The Quest For Comedic Stardom


Miz JJ said...

Where can I see this picture? Hit me up on email nah man.

Christie said...


kimba said...

where is the pic? and how was the date? and does the blind date read your blog?

Stunner said...

Interesting thought!

Abeni said...


GC said...

how was the date anyway?

Mighty Afroditee said...

Gasp! Hussy.

Island Spice said...


was this a facebook faux pas? ;)