Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It’s been a long time.

And I miss you guys like I miss….the little chocolate cakes with the red cherries I used to eat at Modern Bakery in Karama. (Dubai)

Work is crazy these days. I am actually earning my dollar for a change.

Dracs got a very pretty pink slip at work. Pretty because he gets a package so big, it allows him to sit on his taut behind and do nothing for a year. However he plans on moving to Dubai in a few months. Of all the bars in all the world…….

It feels like the end of an era. The Dracs and Cranky era. Maybe now I’ll finally be able to get on with life.

The house is fabulous. I’ve discovered a few things about myself.
~I love living alone.
~I love the fact that I control where things are….I guess it does confirm that I am a control freak.
~I’m proud of myself.
~I hate sleeping with even a bit of light on my face. So I am the proud owner of new black leather curtains in my bedroom. My brother calls me Dracula, but really facing a main road where buses are 24 hours, and traffic is heavy, is quite disturbing.
~I love my Jacuzzi tub. How did I live all these years without a Jacuzzi tub??
~I love that I can ignore the dishes for a day or watch Grey’s Anatomy DVDs if I am too tired.
~I am sort of hiding out. Everyone (including myself) thought I would go crazy and have parties every weekend, but as it turns out, I haven’t. I am now free to be the recluse that I am. I actually enjoy the quietness.
~The only downside is when I have to open things. Like bottles or cans. I almost didn’t have a jam sandwich this morning….
~Or zipping myself up in the morning in particular dresses or putting on cumbersome jewelry, twice this week I had to have the EA zip me up first thing in the morning….
~Today I am making my first meal. Pork chops, veggies and potatoes…plus a side of garlic bread….ummm
~I’m procrastinating on having a house warming thing….I think I have too many friends, the logistics seem over whelming
~I have four days vacation in October and I’m not sure what to do….
~I was a little worried that I would turn out to be a bit neurotic type person, who alphabeticizes their DVDs and cleans everything meticulously…I am happy to report that I am very laid back…

That’s it for now….site meter says I’m back down to a mere 34 visits….HMPH…


GC said...

the EA? Do tell.

Sounds like a happy adventure this living on one's own--especially the bit about not washing the dishes. Ahhhh...freedom

Jdid said...

I'm not too sure about you and this cooking thing. dont burn down the people place ya kno :-)

Grant Miller said...

You are equally missed.

Movin On Up To A C Cup said...

Hey, I've been gone for a minute too. How coincidental is it that we both reappeared on the same day? LOL.

I cannot laud the praises of living alone enough. Honestly it's the best thing in the world (except for that one time I was choking and had to fling myself over the back of the couch to dislodge the shrimp). Other than that, it's been great; I've mastered the back zip and back buttons...and I've even mastered cornrowing my hair from the base of my neck upwards, a skill I'm sure less than 1% of women have.

When winter comes, I'm sure you'll master many of these skills and others too. I know you're not trying to go out in that Canadian cold with your back out! Necessity is the mother of invention my dear.

I'm so happy you're in your new place! Yay!

Fiyah said...

Hmmpph! The two of yuh have a real nerve just showing up so nonchalantly like people wasn't checking yuh blog sites religiously every morning hoping for even a peep!

The OE said...

While I'm sure a jacuzzi tub is preferrable to a coffin, keeping it Top Secret may have been a good choice because I've found anything jacuzzi leads to free loading secret agents.

dalia said...

i'll mail you the plant! enjoy your time alone... LOL

marangand said...

Hey, I remember when I first lived alone, I was happy with the "freedom" and had visions of parties and friends always being over..and came to find out that I really didnt do or even want all that as often as I thought I did...but continue to enjoy the life, you will learn more each day

Bush Babee said...

You need to have a house warming party.

You get free stuff. Tell everyone to walk with their own liquor.

Burn a couple of mixed CD's(MP3). When the CD's are done, send everyone home and enjoy the free liquor for the rest of you life.

Oh yeah... buy some chips and salsa and some cookies.

Done and done!


Adrian said...

lol the memory of when I moved out and was having lots of fun has almost totally faded away.

life was good back then :D

have fun for both of us.

Abeni said...

jealous of the jacuzzi

scratchie said...

I couldn't figure out what the rave was about jacuzzis until I had a chance to sample one for a few days. They couldn't pry me out if they tried