Monday, October 29, 2007

The Weekend,

I missed an opportunity to meet a little girl this weekend. A sweet little girl, with big brown eyes, who I have been waiting to meet for the past two years.

It felt oddly ill fated, since my phone is always on, and I usually check it every 10 minutes, yet for some reason, I didn’t hear it ring till almost two hours later.

Hopefully I will get a second chance.

Friday was a total write off. After an exhausting week that included two long drives to Brampton, a successful event and catching up with an old friend, I was out like a light at 10 pm Friday. Saturday I ran errands, which included getting my butt back into Tae Kwan Do. It felt great stretching and kicking imaginary foes. It seems I need much practice in forms….why is it that little kids can pick up forms in a few minutes, and it takes me ages to remember which way to turn?

Saturday night I went to a Birthday party at West. Sadly I did not take the opportunity to dress up like the rest of the Toronto, though in my defense I did wear a very scandalous barley there sequin top, which I was convinced I was falling out off the entire night. All of Toronto was dressed in their very best ghouls (for men) and hoe outfits (the women.) Ladies, I hate to break it to you, but there is nothing scary about being a cow girl, or a nurse or any of those costumes that involve thigh high stockings? I wonder how a real nurse feels on Halloween to see a bunch of young ins parading around with their boobies hanging out, hoe-ing up her everyday work wear? I saw a fellow in an entire TKD Sparring outfit and was mildly appalled.

Sunday the most beautiful day of the week consisted of laundry, hands and knees scrubbing of my now immaculate floors, and some heaving and hawing as I attempted to single handedly change my microwave….those things sure are heavy. I also watched the Marion Pearl movie, A Mighty Heart. I thought Angelina did a fine job, but I do wonder if Mrs. Pearl was as stoic, as she was portrayed. I confess to shedding a tear when they finally find out he is dead….to be pregnant and in such a situation, its mind boggling. Perhaps I am getting soft as the years go by.

So that’s it, how was your weekend?


Abeni said...

movie and a club...nutten great

bitsandgiggles said...

I had an insanely good weekend in DC, pictures to follow soon.

Marika said...

My weekend was great, thanks for asking :)

The concept of dressing up for Halloween is such a strange concept. We just don't do it here and generally the day passes without any sort of acknowledgement. I always thought it was just for kids though - what the hell are adults doing going OUT in thigh-high stockings?!?

Island Spice said...

i went to the gym friday, saturday and sunday. i went to no halloween parties. i sunned my buns on the bow of some guys boat. i completely blanked out monday and now tuesday is almost over. YAY!! its almost weekend again!! :D

GC said...

sorry to hear about the little girl
that's just not fair
why can't they invent a phone with a setting for "please hunt me down when so and so calls"

inciquay said...

Am I the only one who thought it was lame and cloying that Marianne Pearl actually asked the terrorists to take her (while pregnant) instead of her husband? It happened in real life anyway, I never got around to seeing Angelina in her blackface role.