Monday, November 19, 2007

This weekend I went over to the local Chinese mall, to get my DVD fix, and discovered lo and behold the price of DVD’s has fallen dramatically, the cutesy Chinese girl explained it to me, (Insert your own corny Chinese accent here):

“You see, Laast Yhere, DVD was 4 Dolllaaar. Thiisee Yhere, too much competition, everyone seellling DVD, my Uncle seelinng, DVD, your Uncle seeling DVD, so price only 2 dolllarr. Next Yhere, who knows, maybe DVD be free.”

It got Fathead and I thinking about the nature of an absolutely free markets. The pirate DVD market is interesting, there is relatively low risk associated with selling pirated DVD’s, unlike say drugs. Crackdowns occur every year, but almost the next day, the hardworking sellers are peddling their wares again. I haven’t heard of any DVD pirate being sentenced to twenty years in prison

In the UK, new ad campaigns are linking the sale of pirated DVD’s to terrorism.


Last time I check it was still Ming, and not Osama selling me my DVD’s.

Is Bush and Tony trying to pull a fast one on me again?Is this like the time Saddam was supposedly Osama’s main man??

On another note, I have this vision of the basement of Universal Studios (or any big movie making studio) where some fellow is poses as a cleaner, but is actually a brilliant nerdy tech guy, who breaks into the studios at night, copying all the new movies, and in a gesture of free media, sells them at crazy prices to some wholesaler in China who then distributes it all over the world. I wish retailers would study the distribution of pirated DVD’s.

I mean how come I can buy American Gangster already but it takes me three months to get my new oh so legal sofa??


Abeni said...

American gangster is next on my watch list..pirated of course.I still will watch tho and with ni guilt

SimplEnigma said...

Sorry, can't support the pirating on any level since it is always the little people who get hurt the most. Denzel, Russell Crowe and the execs get their cut first so they will always be set, whether you pirate or not.

Like musicians, I have too many friends struggling in filmworld.

But to each his own...

GC said...

I don't know
ever see V for Vendetta?

Lene said...

it's all about bootlegs from pacific mall or the chinese centre at sheppard and midland. that lady has like 6 or 7 for $20. all you got to say is that you isn't police, and the suitcases open up.

my american gangster bootleg is a masterpiece. i was fully expecting special features and all that, it was good.

Jdid said...

7 for 20? did you say sheppard and midland? i'm jumping on a 57 saturday afternoon

actually when you think about it the whole dvd thing is sort of a rip off. i mean who really spends time watching the special features?