Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If should die before I wake......here's a few things you could take!

I was tagged by Rad to write 6 quirky things about myself. Being the person that I am, I decided to fudge it a little and write about the quirky things my loved ones would find in my condo, should I die today……

If I died today, the things my loved ones would find:

~An erotic reader in my bedside table
~Lots and lots of bills for frivolous purchases like mac cosmetics
~Oodles of little pieces of writing on my laptop
~Clothes with tags on it
~My last will and testament (I am very orderly)
~Little diaries filled with teenage angst
~Neat files containing documents of all my worldly possessions
~Loads and loads of laundry
~Spoilt green chutney in my refrigerator
~Hidden tampax pads all over the house (I am obsessed with idea of running out of them)
~A box full of momento’s from various trysts all over the world…
~Piles of dishes
~A cup of tea in my bathroom, from this morning
~My treasure chest of pennies
~The one whom we no longer speak of’s Calvin Klein underwear….men’s underwear make the best boy shorts


Grant Miller said...

We lead parallel lives. And deaths apparently.

SimplEnigma said...

Hmm, I have a fear of running out of pads in the middle of the night too. This fear was quickly cured when a dude I was really feeling came over and and one fell out of a book on my bookshelf...and straight into his lap.

And MAC Cosmetics are not frivolous, thankyouverymuch! Hmmpfhh!

Stephen Bess said...

Now, are there plans to take those tagged clothes back to the store? :)

Robot Zombie Vampire said...

I could just see the look on my relatives faces when the find my collection of Amy Grant albums

Adrian said...

dwl @ se.. why the need to hide them all over the place?

GC said...

they will find lots of dust bunnies in my place

re cosmetics
they are absolute necessities

re feminine products
I just keep those in the bathroom--that way I can always see how much I have and know I'm running out.

Stunner said...

I hope they don't find my pc! lol!

Jdid said...

re: the feminine products your stocking up reminds me of the sienfeld episode with elaine an the sponge

Kingston Girl said...

am with all the girls who say that mac cosemtics are not frivolous purchases!

bitsandgiggles said...

I have tampons strewn about my place too! I wish you lived closer because I feel we'd be very good friends.

The OE said...

Secret agents love Calvin Kliein but I suggest you purge yours before they risk National security

Leon said...

You've got some pretty freaky stuff up your house. But since you're a woman, you can get away with it.

Abeni said...

Don't you just love those teenage diaries?

Makes you smile or laugh at the whiner you once were