Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Endings

Ps. I love you, Over my Dead Body and Enchanted were among my movie choices this weekend; a departure from my usual ‘Blood in blood’ out choices. With each movie I was more cynical laughing at the characters who were wishing and hoping for their mushy perfect happy ending.

Then I realised how cynical I’ve become. So when LL messaged me on face book asking if I wanted to go see a movie, I thought, I should do this, I should try this whole ‘dating’ thing out.

I messaged him back that I would be in his area for work today, and was wondering if he would like to have a coffee instead, since I would be getting off early. He agreed and like clockwork we meet in a mall parking lot at 3.00 pm. He picks me in a new BMW, and he is looking cute as hell. And I get a little hopeful. I did notice that he had one of those tacky blue tooth devices in his ear, but I was being hopeful so I let it go.

He says, “So where do you want to go?I say, “Where ever, I’m not picky.”
So we drive around for five minutes and then we pull into a driveway.

And I look up.

And Blink.

And Blink again.

Because I see a sign that distinctly says “Motel 6”

And then I look around. Because it dawns on me that the only place I’ve ever seen that sign is on that show ‘cheaters.’

And then I look over at him and say, “Why are we here?”

And he says, “What’s wrong? We can just kiss.”

And I say, “Are you crazy?”

Then I roar at him to drive me back to my car.

And I sit in it for twenty minutes carefully combing over our conversations trying to find the defining moment where he assumed I was Motel 6 material.

Conclusion : Happy Endings do exist.....just not the kind in the movies.


SimplEnigma said...


CP, I'm laughing but not cos it's funny. I'm laughing cos it's just so INCONCEIVABLE that the thought would have even entered his mind. And that he thought it and decided that it was a good idea?? What a frickin moron.

Someone that dumb doesn't deserve to be with you.

Pepper said...

oh hell no is right

gotta be kidding

Abeni said...

oh dear..tacky stuff

Radmila said...

Add that to your memoirs of bad dates.
If you're still single by 35, you will have accumulated a number of these experiences...well, unless you don't date at all.

It doesn't mean anything you did or said indicated that you're a "motel 6 girl".
However, it does indicate that he's an asshole with assumptions.

Here's a link to some really bad dates I've had before I got married:

Jdid said...

ya sure know how to pick em

GC said...

please tell me you're making this up, please
I mean, what an ass
what. an. ass.

happy endings do exist--but they require a lot of work and a pinch of luck

nothing wrong with cynicism as long as you know when to quit that and walk through an open door
that being said
I hope he curls up and dies of shame

Jumbie said...


My last g/f took me to a motel on our 'first' date... sigh, the good old days.

The OE said...

Covert operatives prefer either the rebel base, the Ritz, or the bush

Chris said...

Then I realised how cynical I’ve become.

Oh, I'm so proud of you Cranky! :)

dalia said...


he was looking for a happy ending!

chupse. i was talking to a guyfriend about these kinds of things... i think men are completely wired differently from women... i mean, how ELSE would you have wound up at motel 6?

SimplEnigma said...

"I hope he curls up and dies of shame"


This one line brought me to tears. LOL @ Jumbie and OE.

CP, PLEASE don't become cynical. There are lots of wonderful guys out there. Being cynical really reduces your chances of finding someone compatible with you.

Just think of these experiences as preparation, so you'll know when you find it. ;)

Stunner said...

Now this one is classical to ratid!

Radmila said...

on SE's "don't get cynical" remark; Good luck with that.

Grant Miller said...

That dude has style for miles. Or maybe it's nuts of steel. One or the other.

bitsandgiggles said...

Oh. My.

search said...

LMAO..I guess he took the "coffee, tea, or me" cliche to heart ROFL

but, damn! ROFL CP, I don't know about the not getting cynical part, 'cause sure as GOD made fire ants, this "man" helped put the "cyn" in cynicism.

SE, thanks for plugging this little story ROFL