Monday, May 19, 2008

Long weekends in Canada are a big deal.

They are the promise of ‘time.’ Time to catch up on the laundry that’s piling up, cooking the meat you’ve been thawing and re-freezing over and over again, watching those piles of movies, reading the last chapter of the book you started a month ago, seeing friends you haven’t seen in ages because you accidentally became a work-a-holic.

My weekend went something like this:

6.30 pm Friday night…. on the subway heading to work. Our final phase is in action and I had accidentally volunteered to oversee the nightly activities of our work crews…

8.30 pm…Anxiously looking for the ‘shuttle bus’ advertised on the beer and wine festival flyer…..

9.00 pm….Arrival….the festival is in a new location at Downview park and is a royal flop. The crowd is sparse compared to last year’s craziness at the Distillery district. But I am determined…determined to make this a good night….I go over cash in my 20 dollar bill in exchange for the little gold coins….only I am persuaded by my friend to only cash in a ten….she reminds me that I am single and I should really be more hopeful….it dawns on me that all this working has indeed gone to my head…

11.30 pm….The room is swaying. Turns out that I haven’t lose my mojo after all; instead I somehow have turned my measly 10 gold coins into some uncountable number of shots and fruity drinks. I have also befriended the sweet bartender, who proceeds to lavish our party with shots the rest of the night.

12.00 pm to 2 pm….Shameful drunk dialling and other embarrassing activities ensue

Saturday-I have the hangover from hell. There will be no kick boxing today.

Actually nothing else happened Saturday, besides feelings of overwhelming shame and regret…..stern talking to’s from my inner self, contemplations of psychiatry….and so on. Promises to move on, stern examination of why it is time to move on, acceptance that moving on is the only option….there is also watching of corny movies and singing along passionately with songs like Xfactor, Take a Bow (the Madonna version) and Bon Jovi…

Followed by two hours of intensive and rejuvenating shopping.

Folks whenever the world seems to be a horrible place…the remedy to your pains is shopping and sleep. Everything seems a little better after a good snooze.

Sunday-Home with the parents for some R&R and grub.

8.00 pm-Two of the married friends come over. Their hubby’s have abandoned them for a bachelor party in Montreal. S has abandoned me for greener pastures. We decide that the only place we know still happening on a long weekend is Babalulu’s.

10.30 pm-Getting our groove on, Latin Luver (LL) makes a guest appearance.
He is scrumptious. He’s got a little goatee thing going on. Of course he’s still miffed that I never called him back. So we begin to dance, and he’s being all extra, singing loudly (I get it your Spanish, you know the lyrics…whopeedeedooo!) smiling at all the girls in sight. I return the favour, dancing it up with all in sight…and at the end of the night he walks over and hands me a card and says, you better call this time, we have unfinished business…..I smile…and like my teacher at St. Mary’s used to say…perhaps.
So what does a single girl do in this day and age….when she realises that the time to move on is here, only she isn’t all that into the person sent by the gods? She adds him on his facebook ofcourse…


Grant Miller said...

I never get invited to bachelor parties in Montreal.

GC said...

facebook to the rescue

and the laundry?

Pepper said...

im sure thawing and refreezing meat is a bad idea...

the rest..its all good

Jdid said...

shame and regret. no no no no no