Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Monday Thoughts

This weekend in continuation of the birthday celebrations for S we went out to This is London.
This is my review: Nice club, the women’s washroom upstairs is worth a visit, an entire floor, decorated like a princess’s room, complete with its own DJ, couches, make up artists, and a really friendly Columbian woman who insists on opening the tap and spraying your with soap. I am all for a person earning a buck, but it really irritates me when I feel forced to tip someone because they practically run ahead of me to open a tap. I am capable of opening a tap, and the day that I become lazy enough, or rich enough to want you to open my tap is the day you can ask me for a tip, till then pish off.

The rest of the floors are equally pretty. The DJ in the main club had ODD. Within a span of 5 minutes he would play a song from the 80’s, 90’s, R&B, Soca, and Country, After about twenty minutes I began to feel like I was on a club version of ‘So you think you can dance,’ as if the DJ was checking out my dance skills, how many dances do I know….it didn’t help that there was this overly energetic girl at the side of me, who was dancing like she was on electric circus (I’m dating myself), complete with smiles, and weird hand movements.

Saturday evening I watched three hours of Intervention on A&E. The show is fascinating, the whole train wreck metaphor comes to mind, and you just can’t look away. I also discovered that I sort of like the word Methamphetamines, it just rolls of the tongue nicely.

I also watched Spike TV's things men need to know. It was a great contrast to the Glamour/Cosmo mags I picked up on Friday. Been a long time since I've read one of those, its amazing how many sex related topics they can cram into seventy pages. Spike tv cracked me up by doing an entire feature on how little a bikkini had to be, till it was considered illegal, informative stuff. Way better than the seven signs your boyfriend is a cheater...yawn.

I was flipping channels and caught poor Miss USA's slip. Note to next years contestant, wear a short skirt and lower heels. Otherwise their going to call it the American curse, and some crazie is going to attribute it to bad karma. Does anyone else find these contests irrelevant?

It’s freezing cold in my office today, I’ve got goose bumps. I spent much of the day attending to a display of accessories that employees are being given the opportunity to choose for their new work stations. For some reason I just couldn’t handle the silly questions today, one lady had the nerve to tell me she felt like our team was kicking her around, taking away her office etc. She was obnoxious and completely out of line, and my left foot did begin to swing a little towards her derrière. Also it was alarming how many people couldn’t add up to five. The older folks kept selecting all the accessories on the form. The younger ones were trying to barter. So many simpletons in the world, so much space for them to exist in.

I watched the kids movie “Horton Hears a Who.” Is it just me or did the movie not come across as brainwashing for anti abortion types? Quote from the movie: Narrator: [epilogue] And so, all ended well for both Horton and Who's, and for all in the jungle, even kangaroos. So let that be a lesson to one and to all; a person is a person, no matter how small. Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

And how was your weekend muffins??


SimplEnigma said...

LOL @ so many simpletons...

Manswers is one of my favorite shows ever. Hilarious.

I went to a wedding and successfully avoided the whole bouquet toss fiasco. Didn't even leave my seat, and for the first time ever, no one bawled me out and urged me out onto the crowded dancefloor of single women. I think, to date, that has been my life's biggest accomplishment. I've spent years coordinating my visit to the ladies room at precisely the time that the bride announces the bouquet toss. Spent the rest of the weekend celebrating. ;)

Abeni said...

Poor Miss USa. I bet last year's Miss US doesn't feel as bad now that her successor emulated her:)

Jdid said...

electric circus whoaa! next thing you're going to be referencing master t and oliver from rap city :-)

Crankyputz said...

SE: Mananwswers helped you avoid a bouquet toss, didn't Sex in the City do that?

Jdid: Whatever happened to Oliver, i have to google that one..

Grant Miller said...

You watched 3 hours of TV? I can never do that. I wish I could. My ass starts to hurt after awhile or I fall asleep. One or the other.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Those thoughts were indeed 'random', and oh so very entertaining.LOL...thanks for taking me on a trip through your world.

I watched Mansers once, and somehow felt as if I was being disloyal to our gender. Now, I watch it in the sly as a guilty pleasure : P

I too think that beauty contests are irrelevant. I do not watch or support them as my personal crusade, and unfortunately, I just cant seem to get anyone else to jump on the bandwagon with me. Oh well...