Monday, September 08, 2008

Trini Hospitality

Friends: When your girlfriends pitches you the following be wary:
Wanna go to New York?
I have a friend whose boyfriend has a huge (much emphasis was made on huge) house we can crash it!
It’s huge and he’s really nice.
His friends loved us at Caribanna and want to take us around and show us the sights.

Thus unsuspectingly I boarded the chic plane at Porter Airport (highly recommended method of travel) with high expectations.

On the plane I was informed by the girlfriend of two things:
~The Boyfriend lived with him parents
~She did not like or get along with his mum

Why oh why would you invite four of your not so nearest and dearest friends to go stay with people who don’t like you for the weekend?

On arrival, we are led into the house. The Green carpets stand out immediately, so do the plethora of fake plants, strewn in every nook and cranny.

We are led into a middle room. Most of the chairs are covered in plastic and there is a glass case containing an odd collection of dolls. Once again the green carpet is the focus.

There is no where for us to put our bags, there appears to be no plan for us to set up shop anywhere, instead we sit uncomfortably on the sofas, making little plastic sounds every time we shift bum cheeks. The boyfriend repeatedly tells us to relax, we are home, enjoy!

Then Medusa aka the mum arrives. She is a big, big woman. She grunts at us in welcome and takes a breath.

The she says:
‘Girls, I Ave sumthing to say ‘fore you get too cosy, yes. This is my house, neva mind what my son my say, Aye pay the bills, so yuh know Aye’m in charge. Aye expect you to behave yourselves, do not put yuh feet up on my couch (at which point CP discretely lowers her folded leg into the green carpet,) if at the end of this weekend I see feet prints on my couch, I will blame yuh. Don’t make any noise, Aye have to go to work,

And she goes on for about ten minutes.

And she ends with, “So please feel like this is your home”


Ps. I have to put a disclaimer here, that in the past all other Trini's I have ever been exposed to, have been the most giving folks ever.....


Christie said...

I would give that friend SO much grief for that. How old is that guy? Why is he still living with the folks and inviting a bunch of people to stay?

Cliviaalana said...

Oh My Gosh i would sooo check into a hotel the next day!! i did that once too after getting al ecture about leaving the house before 9pm to go out..and dont come home at the godforsaken hour or 4am. Bwahaha i hope you good boof up your friend.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Pshaw! Disclaimer not required. Trini's come in all shapes, sizes, colours and hospitality, just like erryone else.

Lawd...plastic??? LOL!!!Was this the 'Good Living Room'? Almost every Caribbean household has one.

Jumbie said...

I dunno.. in my experience you just described a Trini with a poor background who want to put on social airs...

most Trinis aren't like that, at least i've never met many. I usually meet down to earth types who tell you "Look the pot dey, go help yuhself".

Crankyputz said...

Cliv: Believe me I was on my blackberry googling hotels
MAfro: It sure was, hence everything was protected by plastic
Jumbs: Agreed....

dalia said...

i literally laughed out loud at the last paragraph. i sit with my legs folded under me all the time!

Ruthibelle said...

good gracious... I'm so sure you felt at home, lol. And plastic on the furniture... people still do that?? LMAO

Jdid said...

i doan particularly like dem but dont diss the trini people dem alright.

is your friend that should be blamed here. she knows its not a good place to take people why invite you guys.

cant blame the mum, she probably showed up and was like what the hell all these young gals doing in me house.

mad bull said...

Like Jdid says, there are two sides to every story. I don't like plastic on the furniture, but hey thats what hotels are for. If you don't like your (free) digs, step!

Abeni said...

Yeah,the friend is to blame her.Next time you know which house to stay away from

Stunner said...

LOL! Not so good place to crash at all! Next time you know who not to go anywhere with. lol!

Pepper said...

sounds like fun...