Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Random Thoughts:

I don’t know if it’s the lack of excitement in my life, or if I’m too busy living it, but the urge the blog is few and far between.

“Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wineeeee…WE LIKE IT…”
Is the most ridiculous song I have stuck in my head.
There is something utterly captivating about how this man says the word ‘wine’ in a melodious, almost hypnotic way.

I am addicted to watching Toronto lime carnival 360 video’s. Apart from the ridiculous name of DJ Playhouse, the narrator is brilliant: Entertaining, funny as hell, and helps pass the day nicely. He embodies that makes a Trini man so dangerous; summed up in one word, ‘Sweetness.’ Talk about making your dream job a reality, hats off to these fellas….liming, partying, and observing beautiful scantily clad women….what a job description. FYI fellas, I would be happy to join for a holistic review of female fete interests.

Last Friday, my boss blew up on me; she said some atrocious things, accusing me of everything from rudeness to unprofessionalisim; (after telling me just two days before how great it was to work with someone of my caliber.) After months of erratic behaviour on her part, the incident led me to formally submit a complaint to HR and her boss. Turns out she is having a personal meltdown and is not handling it too well. The situation led to an 8 hour conversation with various HR peeps. Do you know how HR people speak? With their fuzzy acronym’s, references and fable telling. I was exhausted for the rest of the week.
The good that came out of all this, is that I have learnt how to effectively levy a serious complaint against my manager without getting completely burned. I also came away feeling a little more empowered. More and more people are refusing to take unnecessary crap from anyone. Sure you accept the occasional raised tones, and bitchy inferences, but everyone has a fine line which once crossed tips you over. Often we tend to flee, before fixing our situations. I am hereby encouraging people, who love their work, to look inward and outward and at least give it a shot to try and effectively change your environment. It is possible.

I just put up the following sign at work:

(I may be nominated for the passive aggressive site soon)

People keep bringing in banana bread for me to eat. Miserable creatures are keeping me from my perfect summer body.

Watched Boy in the Pajama’s over the weekend, overall thought it was quite ridiculous, from the British accents to the little kid playing by the fence, without a guard in site to bug him, however the ending wrenches at your heart.

On Friday Dracs brought his daughter over to a play area by me. I sat for an hour watching them interact and watching other little lovely creature’s bump, tumble and toss their way through the park. And boy oh boy did I get depressed. I sat in bed on Saturday with my sheet over my head, miserable. Made me wonder why I am so hell bent on torturing myself. Wise people out there, do you ever stop missing the things you could never really have had?


Ruthibelle said...

such a wonderfully cranky(putz) post, lol!

'Have U Exercised Ur Right to Wash Ur Own Dishes Today?' Ingenious!! That's a stroke of brilliance right there! Little uncle Sam and all... lmao!

GC (God's Child) said...

congrats on sticking up for yourself in the workplace

and I'm confused about Friday. What was so misery inducing about it? You need to get the sour grapes down pat. If it seems nice, try to remember that something about it really blows.

Jumbie said...

I'll lend you Punks... (^_^)

Abeni said...

Yes, I love that little sign too.lol

dalia said...

ahahaaaa... TABANCA! you have trini influences... look it up.

chin up, buttercup!

Stunner said...

Good to know you stood up to your boss, no matter what the problem is, she is not allowed to take it out on her subs. I won't even talk about summer body, because I don't see it coming anytime soon.

Pepper said...

*scratches head*