Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My parents are social beings. To date I have yet to spend a New Years Eve with them, because every new years they are off to a dance with their friends.

CP: “I’d like to invite Dad and You to my place for Mother’s day”
MP (Sheepishly): “Oh, so sorry, but we have a prior engagement.”
CP (Incredulous): “Er its mother’s day and you only have two kids, so who’s your prior engagement”
MP: “Well your Uncle Mario has invited us over…and you know we see you all the time.”

3 days later:
MP: “Oh CP, your father and I realized how upset you were about Mother’s day, so we cancelled our plans, we couldn’t sleep we knew you were so upset!”
CP (suspicious): “You couldn’t sleep for 3 days?”
MP: “Well….”
CP: “Uncle Mario cancelled on you, didn’t he.”MP (Convulsing into laughter): “Yes Men, Stupid bugger, anyway now we are free, so we will come to your place.”
CP: “Fine,”
MP: “Oh and so sad Aunty Z’s kids are away and she will be all alone, so if you can invite her and Uncle J too.”
CP: “But the plan is to have a quite dinner with just you guys.”
MP: “So sad, you want them to sit at home all alone? Don’t be heartless.
CP (Grudgingly): “Fine, Ill call her tomorrow.”FP yelling in the background: “Uncle D is also alone, tell her to invite him.”
MP: “Your father wants you to invite Uncle D too, and might as well invite his brother and Aunty L too, oh and their kids, it’s mother’s day after all.”

Thus thanks to the ingeniousness of my parents; I inadvertently had a party for 15 people yesterday to celebrate mother’s day.

And while I spent most of Saturday cleaning, cooking and muttering to myself angrily, I realized after everyone left on Sunday how lucky my family and I are to have jovial fun loving friends to spend our days with.


Jumbie said...

Thank God I am not sentimental about family!! (^_^)

GC (God's Child) said...

yes, that's very nice
I spent Mother's day by myself as my Mom was happily away visiting family and attending a graduation and RocketMan went to see his Mom

Mad Bull said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun! Good for you. :)

We used to celebrate Mother's Day like that in Jamaica, but we are all split up now.

I bought take out (Natty doesn't like going to restaurants on days like these, says they are too crowded) and got a couple of movies and Natty, MBJr. and I had a quiet day here...

Crankyputz said...

GC, How come you didn't visit Rocket Man's Mum too?

Pepper said...

yeah GC how come?
my moms day was spent wit lb...
i love how ur parents just turned it into a party lol

GC (God's Child) said...

She's nice but she's not my Mom and besides, someone had to sit around waiting for the printers to call with our corrected stationery. . .

Abeni said...

SOunds like a whole heap of fun. Enjoy the parents, you are blessed

Jdid said...

sounds like alot of fun indeed