Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wacky Updates

The other day hundreds of Tamil's protesting the deaths of civilians caught up in the cross fire of the Sri Lankan civil war, took claim of one of the major highways in Toronto. The whole thing was really bizarre, as they had children, teenagers and grandmothers, on the front lines of the stand off with police. As a result the high was shut down for hours, and the police force had to be mobilized on mother’s day to deal with the protestors.
While most officials conceded that all citizens have a right to protest, everyone felt that this particular protest went one step too far. I find the red flag with the Tiger in the middle particularly disconcerting.

A somewhat High profile Member of Parliament has been charged with mistreating her help. She vehemently denies, they (all three of them) say she withheld their passport, and asked them (gasp) to clean things. It all seems to come down to a he said, she said situation, and as usual the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Jon and Kate are cheating on each other. I do so love watching the show, though I do wanna take Maddy out for a cook smacking every now and then. I do hope television hasn’t ruined this otherwise sweet couple. (Yes I do realize he is the most beat down hubby on TV, but he gets a few good shots in there.) Also when do these two find time to cheat on each other? Last I watched, they only had intermittent help and were a hands on kind of family.

John Edward Kennedy’s wife on Oprah made me a little sad. Poor thing is about to die, knowing that her idiot husband cheated on her over and over again whilst she was sick and now has a baby with the other woman. Thought it was rather chicken of him not to sit down in the interview with her.

I am engrossed in the Twilight Series. Written much like a Dan Brown novel, it is all plot and no beauty; but still ever so captivating. Why can’t all men love you with the fascination of a vampire? J

I’m outtie…wow two posts in a week….roll out the garlands, I’m back!


GC (God's Child) said...

Um, how is the Sir Lankan civil war a Canadian concern?

I refuse to patronize reality tv mongers.

Jdid said...

I like that description of dan brown's work. yes all plot but terrible prose.

i'll post next week, promise!