Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don’t talk Shiiiteee about my man

It’s been hot, sweltering hot……. sun shining in your face, sweat moustaches on your upper lip, hair frizzing…. kind of hot.

Yesterday I realized I love sunshine the way I would love a good man. I love waking up to its kiss in the morning, I love how he encourages me to wear my cutest little dresses, because it’s just too hot to wear anything else, I love how he embraces me at night, so that I have no need for a shawl or a sweater.

You would think the people of Toronto who spend half their year subjected to the evilness of cold would be able to appreciate the sun and its many wonders.

Alas No…. they whine, they complain, they Sigh….it’s too hot, they say.

I’ve started to take it personally. Infact I think I may have appointed myself as the sun’s personal representative here on earth. People of Toronto, wake up and enjoy the sunshine. We have had a cold summer so far. Please don’t chase the sun away with your crabbiness.

Or this Molson ad may have some relevance after all:

(Now don't get all Pissy on me....I don't endorse the add)


Jdid said...

let the choir say amen.

knew there was areason I liked you lol.

I'm with you on this. I always tell people my concept of hell is a cold place with country music. warmth and sunlight are heavenly. embrace the heat.

Abeni said...

Sun is great especially when he knows how to turn down the temperature. Not blazing but just enough to let you know he is there