Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Afternoon:

DJ’s and Promoters are the new spammers: On Facebook I get a minimum of 20 event invites every day. If Sweetflava somebody invitees me to one more ‘this is the event of the year” parties I may scream.

I am trying to get my body Miami ready. I have been working out at least an hour each day and trying to fit in a 30 minute walk into my lunch break. In addition I have given up yummy food, for good food. One week in and not a pound have I shed. Sigh.

Everywhere I go Eharmony beckons. It’s like the company has paid people in my life to advertise to me. Last year I was blissfully unaware of their services. This year I seem to be bombarded with various ‘success’ stories……..that being said, I’m not sure I’m willing to pay for love just yet……..now maybe if I got a promo code J

Speaking of which, it seems everyone I know is breaking up. Well not everyone, but a few key couples, who have been together for 5+ years, are on the fritz. As such I have been having a rather amusing time, going for dinners to help each side go over in detail where things went wrong, and attend events where tickets had been purchased in happier times.

Going to see Inglorious Basterds with the family today. I read the opening scene script in Vanity Fair and thought it was great, I am interested in seeing how the movie pans out. Also read an article in today’s metro about Tarintino losing his edge. The author ranted on about Tarintino losing his way after Pulp Fiction. Apparently we the audience are not clever enough to pick up Tarintino’s obsession with old movies. Critics must be miserable people. Can’t we just enjoy the movie??

Fall Fashion has arrived, with all its gray’s, whites and blacks. Alfred Sung has a new collection at Zellers, called Pure; I got a nifty hat for $14. I like the Joe Fresh collection too, their seamless underwear is wonderful; though I am still not entirely comfortable buying my clothes an isle down from the milk.


Jdid said...

Joe Fresh need to make some stuff for the men thats all I'm saying

Funny thing, Eharmony intrigues me immensely like I'm really curious who they would set me up with. not that I want to be set up but their scientific claims at using algorithms and equations to figure out your perfect match is just so cool but alas I'm already spoken for and it would be so bad to make up a fake single Eharmony profile ....or would it now hmmmm

Crankyputz said...

JDid, Joe Fresh does make a line for men....

EH is intriquing...all the math behind it,....though that questionaire is HUGE>

Abeni said...

Lol once me and some friends made a profile. Well they didn't find me a match so hmmmm:)

Scratchie said...

I'm curious about the eHarmony thing too. Not too sure wifey would appreciate the humour of me doing a profile though.