Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things are in flux at the moment.

My work circumstances are changing quickly, and the next six months could ironically see me looking for a job.

I am trying to see the positives, the greatest of which would be the gift of time.

The possibilities excite me, an extended visit to Dubai/India, trying out some part time careers like being an extra in a movie or studying for that pesky GMAT.

Except, the nagging fear and terror at the what if’s play out in my head all day..… 'what if I can’t find a job in time, what if the money runs out (I haven’t been a very good saver this year,) and what if things just go very, very wrong (at this point Phil Collins “Another day in Paradise” plays in my head.)'

Sure I have the world’s most supportive family and most likely I will be ok.

It’s just that as I get into bed each night, alone, I really do wish there was someone with strong, capable arms, who could just tell me, “Honey, It’s all going to be ok.”


GC (God's Child) said...

sometimes you have to look on the gloomy side too--just not for too long. And it makes the bright side brighter.

Jumbie said...

Start upgrading that CV and expanding your network.

Wish you all the best from across the Pond.

Jdid said...

this sucks

Abeni said...

It will be fine.

Stunner said...

It is a pretty worrying thing when you job become uncertain. It is a mix of fear of the unknown and excitement of new possibilities. But you'll be OK, just take it one day at a time.