Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To the Society of Evil Bosses:

You out did yourself this time. I mean at first I thought to myself how bad could she be? Sure the reputation that preceded her featured words like “witch with a 'b'” “hot head” “mean” but really she came in such a cute well put together package. How bad could she be?

First let’s address the make up. It seems she is familiar with two distinct styles. 80’s inspired, all over the lid bright colors that perfectly match the dress color that she has on (even if it happens to be orange,) with lips rimmed in dark lip liner, or none at all.

Then there is the hair. I think I have it down to a science now. Curly hair, potential of a good mood, is quite high. Straight hair….here comes the bitch.

Next there is her leadership or lack thereof. I’ve sort of noticed over the years that the best leaders are also great teachers. They share their knowledge with you. They get you passionate about your work. Your society makes leaders to whom such notions are plain ole crazy. Take this morning for instances, when she came in huffing and puffing, demanding to see an offer letter template. She then began to point out the lack of a claw back clause. Something she had never before mentioned. Of course she said it all smug face that clearly established her superior knowledge on the matter. Yet she somehow forgot the team meeting a year ago, where she clearly stated to the team that she was reviewing all the offer letters with the legal department.

To getting our naïve administrative assistant to spy on us and report on our comings and goings.

Last but not least the level of sneakiness is plain ole marvelous. First pretending to offer me a package, and then when I asked for further details, presenting it as my idea, thereby painting a picture of me as an undedicated employee, always creating trouble. To most recently, pretending to care about my career, by offering to help me find a new job (secretly, of course!) and wanting to see my resume.

Bravo, Bravo!



Jumbie said...

a cute well put together package

Want me take the package off your hands? (^_^)

Jdid said...

oh she sounds devious. i'd be careful if i were you

Miz JJ said...

Co-sign with Jdid.

Also, how do so many sociopaths make into management. That is the REAL question. It's scary.

GC (God's Child) said...

God don't like ugly

Stunner said...

Yup she is evil!

Abeni said...

Yes girl,watch out