Friday, October 16, 2009

Tea and An Exit Strategy

My Dearest Society of Evil Bosses,

On Thursday one of your illustrious members invited me for tea. It was 9 am, and I thought nothing unusual about it. Sitting down in a cafeteria full of people, she peered into my face, and told me, over a cup of tea, that she was offering me an exit strategy.

Society surely you can see the folly of firing someone over tea. First off there is the possibility that the person in question could go a little crazy, and perhaps drop the hot tea on said EB’s lap. Or get really angry and ask over and over again how they could do this to someone. Picture bad, bad breakup….

Shocked as I was society, I did not resort to any of the above scenarios. Instead I let your member flee unscathed. And while my first reaction was to crawl under my sheets and lie in bed for the next five months, my sensible side took over and off to Miami I went.

Society, it is true what they say,……….Miami cures everything.

So I bid thee farewell! In a month I will be free of your suffocating grasp.

Oh the joy to come,


Shimada Boyce said...

As my Trini friends would say, STEUPS!

GC (God's Child) said...

"offering an exit strategy"?
I don't get it. Was it an offer someone could refuse?

Pepper said...

what GC said...?

maybe it was like "you gotta go but we'll make it seem as if it was ur choice" ?

in any case... :(

Abeni said...

I don't follow.You no longer will be working with your company? Anyway miami rocks:)

Jdid said...

that sucks but well i guess everything happens for a reason

Mad Bull said...

Yeah, that sucks. Sorry to hear. Hope there is something much brighter on the horizon.