Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interviews are a Bitch!

There is nothing more ironic than ex-recruiter looking for a job.

Here are a few interview tips, that may be of use to you:

No matter how wonderfully you are performing at your job, or how much you love your current work place, keep an eye on job boards, it keeps you informed of your value, your marketability and what the competition is looking for.

There is no substitute for research and preparation. Interviewers ask the same questions in different ways. You will be asked to talk about your history, make sure you focus things you have done that directly relate to the position your applying for. As honestly as possible explain gaps. The first interview is really to figure out what your embellishing.

Other questions will most likely relate to customer service, addressing issues with peers, a time where you came up with a novel solution to an old problem, how you interact with your subordinates i.e. tell me about a time when you had to address the development needs of a direct report, how did you do it?

Be thoughtful: Interviewers hear the same answers over and over again, but someone who has thought out their answer and relates it back to the role they are applying for, always stands out. Students, I don’t care that you were working at star bucks and are now applying for a marketing role. You may feel you have no experience, however, if you are thoughtful about your career path I am sure there is a way you can relate your experiences at Star bucks to your new role, for eg. working the counter you noticed customers visceral reactions to various marketing campaigns, and based on your observations, here’s what was successful and here’s why....

Focus on your achievements, pepper your interview with words like “promotion,” “recongnized my talent,” “Achievement,”

Focus on numbers, but also explain the story behind the numbers.....a great executive is able to link the most complex data to a story than any person can understand.

Most of all, know your value and exude it. Dress for the part, there is never an excuse not to wear a good suit. Like Barney says in How I met your mother: Suits are cool!


GC (God's Child) said...

good one Cranky

SimplEnigma said...

Good luck getting back out there. Interviews to me are a little like moving. No one really wants to do it, but you know once you're done it'll either be really worth it or you'll have to do it again in a little bit.

You're so on point about the know your value part. Women especially don't like to ask for raises or demand what they're worth and as a result, they always get the short end. Working with an executive search firm who's telling me that my demands are "unrealistic", meanwhile I know that my demands are at the lower end of the scale. Needless to say, they're fired.

Abeni said...

Excellent advice. I know you will be well prepared to tackle anything that interviewers throw at you. Good luck