Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Mystery

The Facts:

I live alone

I thus place all items into my laundry together

The distance from my laundry to my folding area is a mere 4 steps

I fold my laundry instantly and put it away (Would be, please take note of my exemplary habits)

The Issue:

I almost always end up with a missing sock after doing laundry.

To date I have 4 unmatched pairs of socks, I have searched and searched but to no avail.

The Result:

Given the above facts, how is this possible? It is the most vexing situation. I feel the need to get a secondary pair of eyes to hunt with me….is there a black hole of socks that I am not aware of????


Ruthibelle said...


Jdid said...

as self appointed spokesman for the Sock Liberation committee the official statement says

All owners of toes who keep our precious socks in forced captivity beware as a blow has been struck in the war for freedom. Only four have thus escaped but quiver in your boots for more shall seek justice and freedom in the days to come. Give us us free

hmm actually I think I have a half written blog from two years ago that talks about this.must find it