Friday, May 07, 2010


GC kindly requested an update on my life.

I’ve noticed that blogs are really boring when the blogger is happy. I wish I could write about my crazy boss, co-workers or job, but the truth is, my boss, while not perfect is great. Compared to what was happening six months ago, I almost want to hug her each morning and every Friday as 5 o’clock draws near I get tears in my eyes, thinking it may all be a dream.

Work wise things are also great. The work isn’t brain surgery, but its fast paced and fun. Also it’s nice to make an impact again.

My love life is nonexistent. And most days I come home, wrap myself in my blanket and think….I’ve tried, many, many times. I’ve put my good foot forward. I’m open, I’ve got good points, I’ve got bad, yet no one yet seems to want to stick it out. Perhaps I’m just not meant to be in a relationship, and looking around, I wonder if I should just accept it, as part of my fate. Why seek to change things. I mean isn’t it better to have peace, calm and even keel joy, rather than the euphoria that always seems to end?

I think if I ever date again the criteria would be 4 C’s: Consistency, Care, Concern and Character
(I am so HR)

Salsa is as beautiful as ever, though I missed a few weeks because of my ‘no big deal’ wisdom teeth extraction.

Up next a short trip to New York with my fav gay BF.

See happiness is so boring


GC (God's Child) said...

thank you. . .
well, now you have more time to write about shoes, or something and also your roomba and apparently oral surgery. Sorry chica. Glad you feel better though. Enjoy NYC!

Jdid said...

blogs too can be fun when there is no drama.