Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thoughts on a rather depressing Wednesday:

If the first time you go out with a dude and he suggests that you help him shop for jeans as part of your outing, is it really a date, or is he just looking for a free personal shopper?

Dating should be fun: but frankly realizing how many men in this world I am not compelled by, is plain ole depressing

The person you once loved walks by you on the street (after turning around to make sure it was you) without saying a word- is not as romantic as movies would have you believe

Even though your older, wiser and have had all sorts of great revelations that strengthen your character misplaced words streamed across a national radio station can make you want to get into bed and never wake up

Karma doesn’t exist. It’s one of those fanciful little notions we human beings have made up, to make ourselves feel better.

A detox can make you breakout. This is an important piece of information that should be on the warning label

Never take a non dancer to a dancing festival, if you’re a non dancer, don’t volunteer to come to a dancing event, unless you’re willing to tough it out

The euphoria of happiness escapes today

1 comment:

GC {God's Child} said...

I'm sorry you had to go throught hat
I was asked to shop once. . .after that date we never spoke again

Please please please find yourself a dancer. . . if only to dance with.