Monday, August 30, 2010


I’ve hung out with Dubya’s friends and this weekend since I was busy with a friend’s bbq, I invited him along to meet some of my friends.

At first he was all gung ho. Then he asked if he could bring his friends (normal request, however given that my friend had just spent an hour ranting to me about people inviting people he didn’t know, I had to say no to the request.) Then he magically had a cousins birthday to attend, no problem, told him it was no big deal, he could meet everyone later. But he insisted that he would be going for a bit and then come by my party later. Then he remembers another cousin who was having a party downtown, and could we just meet up for a coffee later, right. Then he woke up feeling sick. He managed to go to his cousins, but texted me that he was too sick to come to my party (10 mins away.) I was a little annoyed since I had announced his arrival and was now getting the ‘oh he didn’t show up,’ look. I mentioned this the next day and was told that not only was he sick, he had an ‘asma’ attack (if you going to complain about an illness, you should be able to spell it) and a high fever. Further conversation led to a mention of having bronchitis since he was 14, but mysteriously no inhaler.

By this point, something switches off. If he had just been sick, sorry and would make it up to me later, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. If he had said, ‘listen I want to meet your friends, but going to party by myself with people I don’t know isn’t my thing,’ I would have understood. But this medley of stories irked me a little.

Am I over reacting?


Jumbie said...

You're overreacting (^_^)

GC {God's Child} said...

You haven't mentioned a reaction so I don't really know if you're overreacting.
If your spidey senses are tingling, well, that's why you have them.
Something doesn't add up, and actually sounds medically contradictory. I don't know how someone could have bronchitis since they were fourteen. Maybe when he was fourteen. But if since, shouldn't he be living in a bubble by now?
I would make a mental note, several paragraphs long. I can't believe his 'asma' hasn't been mentioned before.

Jdid said...

well i wouldnt dump him just yet but it is one to note for next time i'd say

Irie Diva said...

jees he sure went out of his way with all them damn stories. ask him late next month about his last "asma" attack and see if he even remembers....

incidentally ur captcha thingy is asking me to spell "watiph"

sometimes i swear it is miss cleo...