Sunday, January 16, 2011

There's a local fashion show in Toronto that does some fabulous and fun things on Fridays. This friday I had the pleasure of attending with a friend.

Part of the show is a makeover. As the producers went through the rows of women who had their hands up, they noticed yours truly bouncing in her seat. When asked what my opinion of makeovers are, I said, "Well its just hair, it grows back right?"

So they chopped my hair off.

I am now confronted with an odd conundrum. I truly do believe hair is just hair. But when it was all on the floor, I began to realise why those models on American's top model cry and beat their chests when Tyra mercilessly lops off their hair. Beauty is often associated with long hair. A woman's vanity is in her hair. It's why we prod, tease, blow dry, curl and straighten it to no end.

So here I am without my lovely hair, forced to re-examine what defines my essence, my beauty and self confidence. Trying to remember that indeed it is just hair, and it does grows back.


Ruthibelle said...

lol... aah lady putz. Made to eat your words. Well, it will be an experience in self-definition :)

Abeni said...

It grows back*spoken by a woman who chops hers off all the time*..I'm sure you rocked the short hair