Monday, March 27, 2006

A Sabbath Hobby

What a crazy weekend. Well not really......But I just felt like saying that.

Friday was fun. I went to Dracs place, we got sloshed, decided to go dancing at 12.30ish, walked over to Acrobats and had a ball. Four Sicilian kisses later, I danced my heart out and a girl tried to pick me up.

Saturday I slept, went to TKD, slept, woke up, felt like cleaning, so unloaded my entire closet, which made an even bigger mess. Thus I didn't end up going out, I cleaned out my closet. Isn't that sad?

Sunday, I woke up moody. Something about Sunday's depresses me. You know how it is a time to unwind and relax? I get depressed. I have nothing to do on Sundays. For some reason I can not just sit home and do nothing. This makes me feel pathetic. So I went to the mall, tried to run errands, but really I live at home I don't have any errands. I cleaned the house. I rented the first season of Grey's Anatomy and went into a marathon watching mode, only they jipped me and I only got the first disc, I knew I should have just appeased myself and bought the freaking thing.

Anyway in my moody state I decided to call Dracs, only I got his answering machine as usual. I have a semi fulfilling relationship with his answering machine. Then went for a walk with my dad, who proceeded to confess that they (my mother and him, the Indian Bonnie and Clyde) stole my Olympic hat and gave it to some needy relative on their trip. Now Sunday depression+jipped Dvd feeling+unresponsive non boyfriend=unjustifiable rage at the stolen hat. I flipped out. So I ended up going to bed at 8 without dinner, feeling like a trippy spoilt kid. Worst when D did call back, I acted like a moody teenager, and dramatically told him I just need to be alone.

Seriously I need to find a hobby for Sundays. It was a nice day too. A go to the park and kick a ball around kind of day. Or take your dog for a walk day. Only I don't play soccer or anything involving balls. And in my state of neediness who wants a dog.

I think I am the only person on Earth who is glad it is Monday, is this symptomatic of a missing something in my life?

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