Friday, December 15, 2006

My dearest Martin Campbell,

I trust all is well. I wanted to tell you that I saw Casino Royale yesterday. I have a few choice words for you.

Let’s start off with what I liked about the movie:

~The first scene is amazing. Absolutely James Bond, unbelievable, I loved it.
~Daniel Craig is yummy. I love his blue steel eyes. And his naked torture scene, Glory, Glory, Glory!
~He can run, and run and run… I would test his stamina any day.
~Do ask him to email when he has a moment.
~Cathrina Murino is gorgeous. I asked Fathead if he thought I looked like her, I took his profuse laughter to mean I am a carbon copy.

However, there are some things James Bond should NEVER say:
~I love you,
~I am yours, whatever I am left, I am yours
~Lets travel the world together, one day one of us will have to get a normal job, most likely it will be you, since I have no idea what a normal job looks like
~Vesper Lynd: You're not going to let me in there. You've got your armour back on.
James Bond: I have no armour left. You've stripped it from me. Whatever is left of me - whatever I am - I'm yours.

Martin, this is a James Bond Movie, not a soap opera…..where were the nifty gadgets, (a heart machine is not enough, nor is a GPS tracking system embeded in someone’s hand, that’s so yesterday,) where were the steamy love affairs, (as a woman, I am appalled to have to point this out to you.) The story was odd at best, hardly clever and OH so predictable.

With disdain,



bitsandgiggles said...

Hmmm, I haven't seen it yet. Would you say the naked/swim trunk Bond is worth sitting through the rest?

Pendullum said...

Not a Bond fan but loved the analogy/review!

GC (God's Child) said...

haven't seen it yet either
I have so much viewing to catch up on

Crankyputz said...

B&G, you know the saying one mans garbage is another's treasure, this could apply to this movie.

One has to judge for their selves. However I prefer my Bond men, intense and not sappy.

Melody said...

Maybe de moviemakers felt that such a rugged bond needed some 'soap-sop' to soften him up -- but it backfired a bit. Soon, they might have someone like Ving playin' de Bond role an' sayin', "No, Bond Girl, ah cawn't make luv to ya, if ah don't luv ya."

Abeni said...

saw the movie last week. Am not a Bond fan but got dragged along.It was okay,I guess:)

cool destiny said...

CP, we were warned you know that this is actually the first Bond movie that was written and now the last to be made into a movie and that it was in fact a James Bond lovey dovey story. I feel your disappointment though, especially about the missing gadgets. I haven't seen the movie yet BTW :)

And, I think it adds to Bonds absolute sexiness that he can be in love. It's kinda like Al Capone being in love, know what I mean??

Crankyputz said...

CD, I was since given a good talking to by "TRUE" Bond fans, about how this was the first one blah blah...

I suppose I just don't find men who are sappy hot....would explain my love life difficulties.....hmmmm.....

Melody: Imagine if that was a line in the movie....Funnneeee