Monday, December 04, 2006

The Tale of Scott and Eduardo:

It started off innocently enough.

They worked together, engineers by trade, long hours that stretched well into the night bought them closer, sealing what would begin as a close friendship. Within a few weeks it was obvious to the both of them that they were ‘soul mates.’ They began to complete each others sentences, pick the same things off the menu, and laugh at the same jokes. Things were going well. Both had their day lives, families they had started before they met each other, obligations that had made them pensive at first. Their vacation in Cuba in February sealed the deal for Scott. He wanted Eduardo, He wanted him for life.

Without consulting Eduardo, Scott tells his wife. She leaves Eduardo a nasty message. He is shocked.

Eduardo calls Scott, demanding to meet him.

They have an intense conversation. They are oblivious to everything else. Scott stares hard at his tea cup, as Eduardo animatedly tells Scott in no uncertain terms that he will not leave his wife and little son Putto. Scott, sat there for two hours, stoically listening to Eduardo’s excuses…….

In the meantime, Eduardo and Scott are oblivious to the hooligans in the table across. The hooligans who coyly attempt to photograph Eduardo and Scott, who are mimicking their possible conversation, the hooligans who pretend to stand by a flower pot so as to get a better picture of the lovers………..the blogger link up peeps.

I get to Alice Fazzolis Friday night and I felt like I was on a blind date, I had no idea who I was meeting….and yet it was great. Bloggers are wonderful people. We have it all, we are funny, we are intelligent, we pen our thoughts down as if they are the most interesting in the world, and then we expect other to comment. It was really great meeting you lot, and hope we can do it again soon…….Btw, can one of you send me the pics of Scott and Eduardo….Muuuuuuuuuchas Gracias….


Jdid said...

all I have to say is all wunnah mad! I cant believe y'all named those guys i still want to see how the pictures of the foliage turned out. lol

inciquay said...

It was a really nice night; I had a blast meeting everyone. Do you think we helped or hindered Eduardoand Scott's love affair though?

Crankyputz said...

Ahhh, His name was Scott....I forgot, and thus was calling him S....will edit now.

Sadly after Eduardo looked me directly in the eyes and shook his head at me, I am pretty sure he saw us as a hinderance.....too funny.....

Mocha_Grl said...

It was funny as hell, though I wished I had a first row seat like y'all did!


Lene said...

that was the funniest thing i've ever seen in my life. hahahahaha. i still don't know how they never knew we were taking pics of them. it wasn't like we were subtle or anything