Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vegas Baby

Vegas Highlights:

Plane ride over: Wedged between four gay women, one who was the assistant warden at San Quinton, another who was a detective for LA Special Victims Unit, I was party to their in depth, six hour discussion on the goriest details of a poor girl’s rape by a felon released from San Quinton four hours before. Made me quesy for the rest of my flight.

Drive to Vegas: Six hours in bumper to bumper traffic with a GPS system I nicknamed Bambi, urging us to continue straight on I650, despite the zillion cars ahead.

Vegas: First sighting of the Tropicana where I stayed, amidst the castles of Excalibur and the Statue of Liberty in New York, New York. It is love at first sight.

The fight at Mandalay Bay, Paccquio vs Barrera, absolute exhilaration at the thought of actually being at a Pay Per View Event…spent most of the time looking at the bright lights googly eyed….purchase of an overpriced event t-shirt, that I proceeded to wear everyday.

Dinner at Emeril Lagassey’s restaurant in MGM, highlight the succulent shrimp….and the Washington Apple Martinis.

Sneaking into Nicky Hilton’s Bday at Pure….yuppiest of yuppie thing to do.

Awed by the amazing performers of Zumanity, the risqué version of Cirque De Solei, particularly impressed by the trapeze woman who hoola hoped fifty hoops in the air, flying through the crowd, equally impressive were the two bath tub ballerinas, their performance is so hot, so sexy, so endearing that I the next time I am in the bath, I may be tempted to see if I can balance my weight on the edge on my head…..

Tropicanna’s ‘Burlesque’ show, a little un-nerved by the topless fifty year old lead singer….scary…particularly annoyed by the older woman with a strong southern drawl who would not shut up through out the show….contemplated throwing my shoe at her.

Old las Vegas, pretty unimpressive, good for cheap souvenir shops, found it funny that there were strip joints on one side and wedding chapels on the other.

A gondola ride through the Venetian, where I met the most gorgeous gondolier Etrizilla, she was particularly happy that we were non biased to her female stature…apparently the world wants all gondoliers to be men.

The super large glasses of strawberry daiquiri that I balanced through out my trip.

Eating dinner at Paris: watching five shows of the Bellagio fountains. Who knew I could be so fascinated by fountains. Escargot covered with little puff pastries, succulent steaks with cream sauces…..these are a few of my favorite things…

Favorite hotel by far was Ceasar's Palace.... felt like I was in Rome again..

Have you Never been to Vegas?? What ever are you waiting for??


Stephen Bess said...

Hello! It sounds like you had a great time. I'll have to make out there one day. It's a shame, but I've never been.

Miz JJ said...

I loved Vegas. I am going again for my best friend's stagette. How can you not love a place who's slogan is 'What happens in Vegas, stay's in Vegas.' Loves it!

SimplEnigma said...

My friends went last year and the normally fun-having, last-ones-to-leave the party bunch were collectively underwhelmed.

Guess I've never been too excited to go since I'd probably not do anything that needs to stay in Vegas anyway. LOL.

Glad you had a blast...Your words are quite persuasive...mebbe I'll check it out after I travel the world.

scratchie said...

I'll go after I win the lotto....but then maybe if I stretch and go I won't need to win the lotto... hmmmmm????

Fiyah said...

LOL@cranky balancing on her head top in the bath tub. Don't let us read about you on the news dear.

GC said...

I'm not going because I can find enough debauchery right where I am.

My favorite of your highlights was the gondolier lady. Props to her for trying a really unusual profession. Actually come to think of it, she's a glorified bus driver. But that's still cool.

The OE said...

My secret agent skills detect a no longer hidden attraction to women and an inability to spell Emeril's last name.

Marika said...

Oooh, sounds sensational. I've never been to time, take me with you?!

Leon said...

What an adventure! Sure, it wasn't typical Vegas, but it made for a good post.

Old Lady said...

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