Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cranky’s Updates:

I started these two weeks ago…..

Bullet Points are the coolest thing out there. Grant, I think you need to do a post on why bullet points are a winner….

There will be Blood is an odd movie.

Friday night went out with Alien Hands on a double date with his broker and girlfriend. Good times, accidentally bumped into his ex, only slow little me, didn’t realize and mistook her for a common friend. I was gregariously saying hi, until I noticed the uncomfortable looks from the other two. Even though she was with her new beau, I couldn’t help feel bad, to meet the new chick (sort of/kind of, but she doesn’t know that) with the old friends. Ekk.

Foodie Review, We ate a place called Foxley’s. We had to put our names on a two hour wait list first, (they don’t take reservations) so we ended up going to a conveniently located tequila bar next door. (Personally I think both are owned by the same owner.) After a few tequila shots, we hazily walked over to Foxley’s, and like drunken loud mouths demanded a few plates of their widely reviewed ribs. The food was amazing, the ribs were delicious, the ducks had an amazing flavour and tender texture, and the wine was marvelous! It was worth the wait.

Been working some crazy hours. I am actually dreaming about work these days. One of our team members, who joined us for a total of two weeks, had gone on stress leave. Apparently my boss Big Foot was too much for her to handle. Let’s see I’ve been doing this for about a year now, that must entitle me to a month of stress leave right??? I have been appointed her unofficial replacement. It’s like a promotion with out a raise, a title change or any recognition of any kind. To quote Ryan Seacreast when asked about how much money he’s made this year so far…. “It’s not about the money” Sigh!

Miami boy’s friend emailed, saying they ‘might’ be back for Caribanna. Must pick up pace at the gym.

My gym is full of characters. Naked girl, is a hot Latina who wears the littlest amount of clothing allowed at a women’s gym. She is gorgeous, and perfect in every way. I find myself ogling at her shamelessly. She is my new aspiration; I must look like her one day!

On Tuesday nights there is a class called Rock Hard Abs and Butts. It’s taught by a petite Ukrainian woman. She makes us sit on an exercise ball, and do all sorts of crazy things. Most resemble acts usually reserved for a bedroom. It’s actually funny to see other woman awkwardly straddling the ball and bouncing around. Felt a little pity for their hubbies, if their ball action is any indication of their abilities in the bedroom, well bwoy, I should teach a class haha!

My culinary skills are improving exponentially. Even though I am working crazy hours, I’ve managed to roast a pot roast and a whole chicken in the last two weeks. I finally realize why roasts are usually Sunday meals. They take forever to cook. Tuesday night I got in at about 7.30 pm(early!) and began to roast the beef. Two hours later in utter desperation there was Cranky with her fork and steak knife slyly cutting out the ends since they were the old parts that were cooked!

Apart from that I am learning a ton about the world of office construction like the politics of seating plans, what are gaylords, swing space, the optimal dimensions of office cubicles, how important supply draws are to group administrators, and other things I could go on about ad naseum.

Is it a low or high point in life when your working at 11.30 on a Saturday night and now even feeling like your missing out on some big party somewhere??


Jumbie said...

Darn it... Naked Girl sounds like she is ready to meet me. Set it up!

owen said...

we demand photo graphic verification of naked girl's assets

Eddo said...

What? Working at 11:30 on a Saturday? Does not sound fun, you are definitely due some Stress time off.

Jim said...

What gym do you go to? Where can I sign up to join?

Thanks for the updates CP.. it makes up for your lack of posts lately ;)

SimplEnigma said...

*sigh* Women like Naked Girl irk me. Not because of her amazing body, but because even in a women's-only gym she feels the need to show it off and gloat (and I know she knows she has a nice body). That's like sitting in front of a homeless shelter in deigner duds and chomping on a $100 dinner.

I'm confused about the Alien Hands story.

Re: working late hours, no recognition, thankless job, etc. Even when you think no one's watching, someone always is and making a mental note. My 50% bonus tells me so.

Take some time to smell the roses!

GC said...

well, you've been busy
thanks for bringing us up to speed.
Um working late on a saturday night is never a good thing no matter if you're missing a big party or no. Even if you're just going to sit home with a quart of sorbet, you shouldn't be working.

Stunner said...

I want to see "naked girl"!!! Good to know are going to the gym, we all need some exercise. So you are good on the bouncing ball nuh!Hmm, interesting!

I want to make pot roast beef but I will have to do it when I have company and lots of time to spare!

soumynona said...

These comments are too funny! My peeps hit up caribanna on a regular! How cool is that. We may go next year, not this year tho. Look at you increasing your cooking skills!!

Abeni said...

Every gym needs a naked girl if only to inspire. On the other hand it can frustrate,right CP?

Leon said...

Wow Cranky. It's becoming a chore to memorize the names you've come up for guys you've been with. I want to meet Naked Girl myself. Bet she just does that to make y'all jealous.

Christie said...

You need a crock pot. Put the roast in in the morning before work, add in veggies, set it on low, and arrive home to the lovely smell and dinner is ready to serve. And the clean up is a breeze.

I sound like an infomercial.

Irie Diva said...

does a crock pot really work like that?!?! whoa ima have to give one a try