Friday, June 13, 2008

CP’s Life updates:

I was lazy last night. I ended up skipping the gym and watching the second season of Sex in The City. I also hemmed seven recently purchased pants. I am a horrible seamstress. Mostly because I am lazy and eventually my stitch gets too long. I remember out-sourcing my art projects to an upstairs neighbor in Dubai, in exchange I would write her English essays.

Speaking of re-runs: I once dated a tall, gorgeous Indian man for a month. When you think of Indian men, the characteristics of hairy and stocky come to mind. This one is tall, has beautiful smoky eyes, and has just the right ammount of manly hair.... ummmm. We broke up after he got a little too Indian on me and subtly began to suggest that I go for Hindi classes and start dressing more appropriately. The catalyst was when he came over for my 17th birthday party and I was wearing a barley there mini skirt and halter and buddy had the nerve to say that I should be embarrassed dressing that way in front of my family. I believe my final words to him were; if my parents don’t tell me how to dress, neither do you! Fast forward to today and it turns out I work with his cousin. He messaged me of FB last night saying he would love to meet up. The cousin claims he has learned the error of his conservative ways…..The question now is to meet or not to meet?

The fire alarm in my building went off at 4.23 am last night. At first I thought it was my annoying alarm. Problem is that we have no PA system so I had no idea if I had to vacate? Thus I poked my head out the door, didn’t see any smoke, went unto the balcony and didn’t see a fire truck. I then proceeded back into my bed and covered my head with a pillow. Ofcourse I couldn't sleep.

Miami’s friend emailed me to say that they are going Barbados Crop over this year. I almost cried. All my secret prayers, day dreams and childish fantasies are never going to come true. How sad. I almost want to call him, just to say hi. Would that be an incentive for him to change his plans??

Our work is taking us to the Docks today. The Docks is an entertainment complex in Toronto, and hosts one of TO’s oldest clubs. They even have an old fashioned drive thru theathre. I am looking forward to a tan.

Tonight I am meeting up with twelve boys who I grew up with in Dubai, visiting from all over the world. It will be a reunion of sorts. Most of them are married with kids. Sadly all the women from Dubai are now married and occupied with babies. I fear that I may be the only girl around. A picture of a tanned snow white and the twelve brown dwarfs comes to mind.

What are you guys up to this weekend?


Jumbie said...

There are iron-on hems now; I know, I use em.(^_^)

Hmm, that thing about going a little 'too Indian'... why is it Indians from the west aren't like that. Personally, I like to see some great legs walk by..(^_^)

Hope your weekend is a great one.

Ness said...

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend CP!! I'm going to brave the grey seaweedy Atlantic water again this weekend I think.. Sucks, but I need a beach!

Call Miami - go on, what have you got to lose? Maybe you can have a prince charming instead of the seven dwarves? Sorry - bad fairy tale analogy, but you started it!!!

Jdid said...

you hem your own pants? way to go!

mad bull said...

Re the traditional Indian: meet up, give him a chance... also know that he'll never give up totally on his cultural background, so you'll always have issues cropping up.

re hemming your own pants: Do you do zips as well? I have a pants to fedex to you :)

re Miami: So why you cyah go Crop Over too? Just arrange to link him there.

re my weekend: My in-laws (whom I get on with splendidly) are visiting! Its been pretty decent still... beach yesterday, beach again today... yup, we are on a long weekend... celebrating the Queen's birthday. Long live the queen, rasta :)

SimplEnigma said...

You should go to Crop Over. It's a blast and Bajan men...whew! That's all I can say on the subject.

Meet up with TightAss. Chances are if yawl were 17 at the time, he just had a little more growing to do. What's the worst that could happen?

Babies. Marriage. Bah! Enjoy your lifeN chica.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you can have my baby

GC said...

no I don't think of too hairy or stocky--I think Bollywood on steroids.

YES, please meet him.

Abeni said...

Went to watch Cannada cream us in football. I am heading to Crop Over too

Crankyputz said...

Abeni, I apologize on behalf of my country,

Can I join you at Crop over???