Monday, July 07, 2008

I have a confession to make.

I’ve been shopping like a maniac.

There are major deals to be had right now. Everything is at least 50% off the original price. All great stuff: so far I’ve got new pants, new tops, new make up.

There was also the pricey hair cut and highlights on the weekend.

I was feeling rather guilty about the whole thing, when I came across an article about how Americans are planning on spending (or have spent) their stimulus checks. I realized that my spending is actually an important part of my civic duty. Sure PM Harper hasn’t sent me a stimulus check, but it’s bound to happen, right?
I am just a forward thinker.

Mr. Harper I await my thank you card and check.


Grant Miller said...

What'd you get me??

GC said...

if you didn't already have an apartment I would make a SATC comment about you

Jdid said...

well dont hold your breath

owen said...

I'd like to have a iphone please. also have "daddy-o" engraved into the back

SimplEnigma said...

Bwaaaaahhaaaa @ forward thinker. You are hilarious.

And laughing at GC's comment.

Since you're in a spending mood, maybe you wanna go to Thailand, hmmm?

Stunner said...

Oh please! Don't feel guilty, that's what sales are for! I did some shopping myself, after all it's the only time I can afford to buy GAP shirts! Hmm... now, if only I got a stimulus cheque!

Pepper said...

yeah i dont think i should have bought that last bag either...malls are bad