Thursday, July 03, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Thursday Afternoon

Wanted was an odd movie, those assassins are a pretty gullible lot. It had a lot of promise, but turned out to be nothing more than a dooshioom dooshioom flick… (That’s Indian for all punch no substance. Oh lord I wrote: that’s Indian for…)

Why as you get older, single men expect you to be attracted to them? What is it about age that is supposed to wear down your own preferences and tastes to make you more open to the masses?

My house guest snores. So loudly that I can hear it through my closed door, and the two pillows I place above my head.

Don’t you wish some people would just leave you alone?

I’ve decided to chop my hair off. I’m tired of this lengthy mass of hair. It bores me.

Everyone seems to have gotten a smidge tubbier this summer. In Canada we get to disguise our pudge under deliciously stylish coats. Now that we are all forced into our tank tops and collared t-shirts the pudges our out in all their glory. Somehow my line “Pot Bellies are the New Black” isn’t catching on…

This weekend at my impromtu party (where the curtains came down) we were discussing the deal breakers in a relationship. Funny how once you’re no longer able to enjoy the things you loved in a relationship, you feel compelled to disown them. Case in point, sleeping on someone’s arm the whole night to awake to a major crink in your neck. When you’re in love with someone it’s like ice cream on a summer day

Heard a quote from some show the trouble with sleeping with an ex is that either it reminds you about how great it was; and you feel shitty because you can’t have it anymore; or it reminds you of why you broke it off, either way you end up feeling shitty. Learn CP, Learn…

My boss has the most annoying ring tone I have ever heard. Would it be wrong to steal it and load on a nicer tone? Wouldn’t I be doing my part for humanity? Or would it be cell phone terrorism?

I am thirsty as heck, but only have 75 cents to my name. Must learn to not spend money on silly things like Instyle magazine and gum.

Was watching a show last night about a group of teenagers who expressed interest in having babies and were given an opportunity to have a trial run. I am not sure how the parents who provided the ‘real life’ babies were able to sit calmly and watch these fools fumble through feeding and caring for these children.

I’m in love with the show Jon & Kate Plus 8. I know it’s a silly, girly show, but those kids are plain ole adorable. And I love how down to earth the parents are.


kimba said...

nice little post cranky girl.. I say you ask the boss if it is a new phone.. and tell her you could program something more suited to her for the ringtone..

or.. wait until you are pre-menstrual, steal it, run to the bathroom and flush it.

Adrian said...

That is a lot of random thoughts.

did you really expect any better of wanted?

yes! a bunch of ppl that moved on to my floor at the office all have different annoying ring/sms tones. I just try to stay away from that office as much as possible.

never heard of Jon and Kate + 8 what channel does it come on?

madbull said...

Re sleeping with your ex, which way was it for you, so good or ugh?

I want a nice, snazzy ringtone, tink I'ma go search me up one.

Abeni said...

I think my ringtone is pretty annoying but so far havent found anything to replace it as yet:)

Leon said...

You had a heck of a lot on your mind this day. Wanted still sounds like a good movie, but I'm saving my pennies for Batman. As for the ex thing, personal policy. Just don't. And about the single thing, I think I can answer that. As you age, you have less options, therefore your standards should fall. In theory anyway.

GC said...

it's only terrorism if you "accidentally" drop it in the toilet, then dry it off and put it back as if nothing happened.

GC said...

oh, didn't see that toilet mention up there. apparently the toilet is a popular place for phones

owen said...

obviously you can't buy a iphone with 75 cents

Anonymous said...

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Pepper said...

lol where to start

wanted was fun, come on!

i watched jon and kate for the first recently, the kids are too adorable but all of them at once are annoying as heck. i watched the mothers day one...that poor dad.

is it me or is the mom a tad bitter?