Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I haven't done one of these in a while:

Dracs: CP, Weh yuh?
CP: Here
Dracs: Here, weh, gurlll……Aye Miss Yuh, Aye Need Yuh, Aye think of yuh so I holla…..
CP: Uh Huh
Dracs: So come have a bit with meh and small ting
CP: Ok
Dracs: Aye be there in two minutes, get readddyyyyy
CP: I need ten
Dracs: Aye love yuh the way Yuse is, Just come down naah, don’t make meh wait….
CP: (Thinks of all the times she waited, and proceeds to prod around for 10 mins)
Dracs: Yuh always test meh, but aye is strong, tis here bond is strong, Aye can wait a life time for yuh
CP: Rolls eyes
@ Restraunt:
Dracs (watching CP holding mini Dracs) : Yuh look good as a mother, have meh chile
CP: Thanks, but no thanks,
Dracs: So whose de new man?
CP: (Wanting to avoid the matter) No new man, I’ve decided not to get married and live as a spinster
Dracs: (High five) Now Yuh understand meh
CP: It has nothing to do with you
Dracs: Sweetness yuh me, Aye-iz yuh, We is We….
CP: Lord why do I bother????


Irie Diva said...

LMAO looks like the path i am slowly but surely heading down with a certain someone

Jumbie said...

Is a mini-Dracs like a mini-me?

GC {God's Child} said...

I'm really starting to dislike Dracs but at the same time am mildly curious to know more

Jdid said...

ya cant get ridda dracs can you lol

Ness said...

Oh girl... I feel for you. Got my own Dracs now - but only in the reappearing months later sense.. Stay strong!