Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What I forgot to buy on this trip: I love Miami t-shirt

Fetes I attended: Girl Power, Blocko, Deviate, Veil Vibe

Thursday night: Girl Power: So hot sweat ran down my body like I was taking a shower. Had all the ingredients of a great fete: the performances were hot and the bar tenders capable. Saw ma boo Machel up-close and personal; it was so hot he took of his shoes….ewwww!

Friday Night Blocko: Took us 2 hours to find the F&%% fete. The wonder that was our GPS, managed to randomly lead us to four different fetes, none of which was the right one. We then decided to ask for directions first at the Hilton, where no one had ever heard of the damn club, then out of sheer despearation (we were about to kill each other) we started stopping people on the street only to have my sozzled friend V yell at them before they had a chance to respond, to then begging two cab drivers to show us the way, who while amused by our frustrations could not assist, to us finally figuring out what all the numbers and the NE vs. NW meant.

We arrived at the fete at 2.30 am……frustrated, fed up, irritated, only to find ourselves surrounded by a placating amount of rum and cokes and yummy Miami hotties. The overall vibe of the fete was nice, however the guitar accompaniment to the Dj was highly unnecessary

Saturday Night: DV8 & Veil Vibe:

DV8 was the oddest party. Nay it was a boring party. An all inclusive fete, where the food was bland and the party stoosh; great venue for an office cocktail party but odd, for a fete. (I heard the flag fete was off the chains but at a $80 price tag…well…..)

Veil Vibe was a great location. The outdoor area with the pots of tasty pelau and corn soup was beautiful. The indoor action was tantalizing. And the fun of getting 20 drunk people back into the limo, after they keep walking in the wrong direction was side splittingly funny. “Yuh back, yuh arse, who lead this group to the de back, send them to de front,” Sighs, Muttering to himself, “like de blind, leadin de blind……steups”

Miscellaneous mentions: Delray Beach where a friend’s house sat on the ocean was breath taking, South beach with its snazzy bars (dancing on the bar in Mango was so touristy fun!) and beautiful beach. Kendall, where our hotel “indigo” was located, great hotel, fabulous service, better price, but ick, ick, ick at the location.

Mosquitoes: The buggers got me good the last night, they feasted on my poor legs.

Final thoughts: I need to move to MiA.


GC (God's Child) said...

there I was thinking you were missing in action
good to hear you were right in the middle of all the action

do move to Miami. Don't wait! Haven't you had enough of winter?

Pepper said...

i would so love to move to miami too...i wish it were that easy

Mad Bull said...

Everybody wants to move to Miami... Well... actually, I would want to live in Weston, or Fort lauderdale, rather than Miami, or maybe Tampa... Or DEFINITELY Atlanta, or even Phoenix... ;^)

But anyway.

Janel said...

ah yes, some good fetes, can't wait for mih sweet trini carnival to come round